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Real-time VoIP analysis, end to end

Empirix OneSight is a complete, end-to-end solution capable of analyzing customer experience and network performance by application in real-time.

With OneSight, Empirix enables clients to quickly pinpoint performance degradation and provides the tools needed to evaluate, address, and remediate these issues.

OneSight also provides real-time alerts to minimize the impacts of unexpected technology failures on customers, partners, and employees.

Instant system visibility, focused troubleshooting

The Empirix OneSight contact center and unified communications monitoring solution examines and evaluates system performance to assure optimal operation and availability.

It provides instant system visibility and focuses troubleshooting so enterprises can capture the benefits of IP telephony from Avaya and other vendors, while maximizing uptime. System performance and availability are proactively monitored in real-time.

Simplified network understanding and discovery

Empirix OneSight delivers unsurpassed network understanding and focuses troubleshooting efforts. The solution automatically discovers and inventories the elements of an organization’s UC solution, both physical (media gateways, etc.) and logical (trunk groups, network regions, etc.). It also creates application dependency trees to visually depict codependent components.

Diagram showing OneSight's role in a deployment.


  • Provides intelligence within a converged voice and data network on:
    • Related elements
    • Services and functions
    • Relationships
    • Functional dependencies and context
  • Evaluates the quality of voice, video, and data services—and their impacts on one another—in a single solution
  • Combines active and passive monitoring techniques to identify and correct issues before they impact customers
  • Offers real-time dashboards with utilization statistics, availability of resources (trunk groups, DSPs, etc.), capacity, and performance trending data via drilldowns

Key materials

OneSight Datasheet PDF

Speed up successful deployments

  • Ensure the availability of critical targeted communications solutions using purpose-built techniques
  • Utilize vendor-optimized monitoring techniques for greater insight into operators
  • Evaluate, address and remediate issues efficiently
  • Analyze customer experience and network performance, by application, in real-time using this complete, end-to-end solution
  • Automate inventory and monitoring of the environment, updated nightly or on-demand

Quickly pinpoint issues in complex environments

  • Speed troubleshooting
  • Eliminate finger-pointing
  • Quickly identify performance degradation
  • Provide important intelligence on related elements, services and functions; relationships, as well as functional dependencies and context within a Converged Voice and Data Network
  • Provide real-time alerts to minimize the impact that unexpected technology failures can have on customers, partners, and employees.
  • Enable teams for chat, file transfer and direct control of component systems from anywhere.
  • Display historical views of previous commands and results on component platforms

Fully realize the value of your technology investments

  • Cut support costs
  • Minimize downtime and its impact on customers, partners and employees
  • Realize the full value of technology investments
  • Boost user satisfaction rate