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Be proactive in monitoring contact center performance

Empirix VoiceWatch is a proactive customer experience management service that monitors the end-to-end performance of voice applications and infrastructure from the caller’s perspective.

It does this from the public switched telephone network (PSTN) right through to the interactive voice response (IVR).

VoiceWatch leverages Empirix’s extensive testing experience to uniquely identify current and potential problems and their root causes.

Standard VoiceWatch capabilities include:

  • Development of automated scripts, with script updates when IVR applications change
  • Hosting and execution of test scripts, 24/7
  • Phone calls placed every 5, 10, or 15 minutes
  • Use of speech recognition and/or timing of prompts
  • A secure website for viewing call results, performance trends, and historical summary reports
  • Alert notifications via email or SMS

VoiceWatch uses transactional call flows to navigate the contact center customer’s end-to-end experience through automated applications and systems.

Through this, it measures the availability, accuracy, and performance of network components, voice solutions, and back-end database systems.

VoiceWatch is customized for each client’s environment, network, systems, and needs, with specific tests, metrics, thresholds, and alerts that can be modified to meet individual requirements. A highly experienced Empirix consultant will work with you to define and implement the ideal monitoring solution for your contact center’s infrastructure.

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  • Delivers reports on dialed calls vs. blocked calls, sorted by category (busy, ring and no answer, etc.)
  • Assesses time required for the voice network to deliver the call to the contact center (time to connect)
  • Tracks IVR response time to touch-tone or speech stimulus at each touch point (time to greet)
  • Records incorrect responses for the monitored system, by prompt location and type of failure (menu response)
  • Records interface response time (host, mainframe, database, file, etc.)
  • Tracks queue time to agent (time on hold)
  • Monitors outbound quality of voice from the network

Key materials

Assure a great customer experience

  • Gain visibility into the customer’s end-to-end voice portal experience
  • Leverage Empirix’s extensive experience in testing to uniquely identify current and potential problems and their root causes
  • Improve Quality of Experience
  • Complement existing management tools with the voice customer experience perspective

Protect against the unexpected

  • Proactively identify persistent bottlenecks
  • Fix issues before they become system failures
  • Monitor backup systems to ensure they are ready in the event of a failure
  • Set alert notifications via email or SMS

Monitor key functionality

  • IVR application performance
  • Voice quality
  • Speech application functionality
  • Business hours/readiness
  • Customer experience measurement
  • Toll free availability
  • Courtesy callback/callback assist
  • Number sweeper
  • Backend host availability
  • Conference bridge


  • Drill-down capabilities
  • Performance graphs
  • Metrics by geography
  • Dynamic scheduling
  • Configurable thresholds