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Inter-carrier Traffic Analytics


Gain insight into quality across multiple call legs to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Just because you rely on interconnects to cost-effectively send voice calls around the globe doesn't mean you have to lose control over quality. The Empirix Inter-carrier Traffic Analysis solution provides Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) with real-time insight into performance of their Destination Carriers. As a result, they can quickly react to optimize both customer experience and profitability.

The Empirix Inter-carrier Traffic Analysis solution analyzes call quality across Originating and Destination call legs. The solution aggregates information, resulting in key insights on intercarrier performance, customer experience and related QoS for least cost routing, rural call termination and root cause analysis.

By correlating call detail records with information that identifies the interconnect partner (billing code, trunk group or dialed number NPA-XXX) at a granular level, the Empirix Inter-carrier Traffic Analytics solution offers operators a unique, aggregated understanding of quality and customer experience from end-to-end.

Because the Empirix Inter-carrier Traffic Analytics solution utilizes a powerful analytics engine, users are empowered to:

  • Proactively assure customer experience as calls are routed off the network
  • Analyze performance, by carrier (intermediate and terminating), geography or area code
  • Include real-time quality analysis in least cost routing models
  • Prove completion rates for rural call terminations
  • Set alerts for automatic notification of downstream issues
  • Export performance data for rapid issue resolution