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Empirix xCentrix

Mobile Network Analytics

Empirix xCentrix for Mobile Analytics is a powerful analytics and reporting engine that uncovers intelligence in dense data streams. Leveraging our mobile expertise, Empirix xCentrix for Mobile Analytics includes packaged reports that provide real visibility into customer, network and operational issues. For more free form analysis, it offers an elegant web-based interface for drilling into micro events or layering multiple data points and KPIs for advanced trend analysis.

To power smarter decision making across your organization, Empirix xCentrix for Mobile Analytics presents actionable information in a way that is meaningful for different departments or user needs. The solution frees users from the need to develop reports, write SQL queries and to otherwise struggle with data rather than finding the actionable intelligence held within it. Only Empirix xCentrix for Mobile Analytics provides a complete understanding of evolving customer behaviors correlated with precise network information to reveal the business models that generate long term profitability.

  • Pinpoint investment and strategically enhance customer experience
  • Innovate business models and drive revenue growth
  • Understand complex behaviors to better serve customers
  • Revolutionize support processes and tightly control costs
  • Plan effectively and capitalize on tremendous demand for bandwidth
  • Comprehensive Mobile Broadband analysis
  • Out-of-the-box reports
  • Multi-dimensional KPI analysis from many perspectives to illuminate hidden trends
  • Extensive slice-and-dice capabilities
  • Powerful and elegant web-based environment for easily visualizing the meaning contained in the data
  • Real-time dashboards and customizable views
  • Instantaneous returns when users manipulate data views
  • Correlation with third party OSS, NMS and databases
  • Automated report delivery - to users or portals - triggered by date or data event
  • Report sharing
  • Data collection and normalization: Collect, transfer, and normalize raw data from the data source
  • Data ETL: Transform and load raw data into enriched format and import that data into the database
  • Relational database and OLAP: Store enriched transaction data as well as OLAP Cube data for configurable periods
  • Data visualization: Web-based GUI that enables a user to design and customize multi-dimensional reports and dashboards

Empirix xCentrix for Mobile Analytics offers complex analysis of the following factors:

  • Device analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • Network analysis
  • Application analysis