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Empirix ensures IVR and call center solutions remain trouble free

In order to provide complete, end-to-end testing and monitoring across its call center solutions, invested in Empirix Testing and Monitoring Solutions. With instant alerts and complete visibility into issues, can provide excellent customer service.

Angel: Redefine Voice logo provides industry-leading Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and call center solutions delivered via a state-of-the-art Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. As a fully hosted solution, its customers are not required to make any investment in hardware, software, or human resources. Thus, enterprises can realize immediate and long term return on investment, as well as quickly and easily deploy voice applications that meet business and customer needs.

Discover and remedy issues before they affect customers
The answer: Empirix testing and monitoring solutions
Looking to the future

“Our solution is truly on-demand and cloud-rich. Creating call flows and prompts in a data-driven IVR and contact center environment is usually a laborious process. We’ve created an easy-to-use Web-based interface that allows customers to build applications and call flows on the fly. The Webbased toolkit facilitates voice menu design, caller data collection, and outbound campaign management,” says Prakash Durgani, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Angel. com. “At the same time, we are very concerned about our customers being able to give their callers a positive experience, and this attitude has really helped our company grow.”

Discover and remedy issues – before they affect customers

“We offer a very feature-rich solution,” continues Durgani. “We have to make sure that all of those features are working properly. We put the caller first, and with that in mind, we don’t want our customers to experience any downtime. Fixing issues before they affect callers is one of the ways we provide the kind of high quality customer service that is at the heart of our business.”

In order to monitor its IVR and call center solutions and quickly catch any possible issues, developed an in-house solution. However, this home-grown technology did not provide adequate reporting functionality, nor did it monitor the complete end-to-end performance of the voice applications and infrastructure from the caller’s perspective – from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), through the IVR, and out to an agent.

“We wanted to have an external view of how our features are behaving in real-time,” says Durgani. “In addition, we needed to monitor speech-enabled applications. Empirix is the only company that provided this capability, helping to distinguish the company from its competitors. Enhanced customer satisfaction is important to us and Empirix helps us provide that.”

The answer: Empirix testing and monitoring solutions selected Empirix’s VoiceWatch monitoring solution to monitor its applications. Through regular, periodic calls, Voice Watch Monitoring measures carrier performance, host and database response times, prompt correctness, dynamic data accuracy, call quality, call routing, queue times, screen pop accuracy, and timeliness. later added the Hammer Test Engine in order to be able to reproduce realistic user behaviors on its hosted IVR systems. In this way, the company can assure that the quality of its networks and applications will stand up to real-world loads and scenarios, both in terms of out-of-service testing and on an in-service monitoring basis.

“ provides an on-demand platform for creating speech and other applications. Each application is called a ‘voice site.’ Each ‘voice page’ on a customer’s voice site can be mapped to a different set of application features. Features include playing a prompt, asking a question, recording a voice mail, recording an action, doing lookups, logging data, posting data to an external location, or transferring a call to a third party,” says Durgani.

“Voice Watch Monitoring enables us to go through and test every single feature on a regular basis. This is crucial, since if one feature were to encounter issues, it could quickly cascade into an entire voice page not working correctly and could affect an entire voice site as well.”

“We use the Empirix solutions to emulate actual callers in a way that we couldn’t do on our own or through a home-grown solution,” continues Durgani. “We can then identify issues immediately. I am instantly alerted about problems and can pinpoint exactly which voice page and feature is causing the problem. I can quickly find the right people to fix the issue and resolve the problem before it affects our customers. In this way, can enable callers to get the information they need quickly, as well as help our customers realize improved service levels and higher levels of efficiency.”

Looking to the future plans to continue to work closely with Empirix and even expand the relationship. “We are interested in monitoring and testing our systems end-to-end, all the way to screen pop, back end, and data population. Empirix can help us with that,” says Durgani.

“Empirix provides us with unique capabilities that let us continue to offer the high quality service our customers have come to expect.”

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