Manx Telecom Case Study

Manx Telecom gains end-to-end visibility into customer experience

Manx Telecom selected Empirix Diagnostix to provide end-to-end visibility into customer experience, quality and root-cause across its mobile and next-gen networks.

As the leading telecommunications solutions provider in the Isle of Man, Manx Telecom offers a full range of telecommunications and IT services to corporate and small businesses, consumers, and the Isle of Man Government. The company’s commitment to service quality and innovation has provided the Isle of Man with one of the most advanced telecommunications infrastructures of any country.

n one of the biggest technology investments the Isle of Man has ever seen, Manx Telecom recently launched its Next Generation Network (NGN) program to combine mobile and fixed line services onto a secure, resilient IP-based network. The company was the first in Europe to launch a live 3G network and now provides 3G coverage to 98 percent of the island.

In the last year, Manx Telecom trialed 4G (LTE) services, demonstrating download speeds of up to 55 Mbit/sec. Roll-out of ultra-fast broadband services is also at an advanced stage, with two-thirds of the island able to receive download speeds of up to 40 Mbit/sec.

In addition to ensuring that its customers receive the very latest technology, Manx Telecom is committed to providing world class customer service by constantly exceeding its customer’s expectations. Its Network Operations Center provides 24/7 365 days a year real-time monitoring to ensure availability and quality.

A better customer experience

When Manx Telecom began migrating its entire communications infrastructure over to the new NGN infrastructure, it recognized the need to replace its siloed network monitoring solutions with a single solution better able to pinpoint and address service issues quickly and effectively.

“We began the NGN project to offer a better customer experience and soon realized that our fragmented approach to network monitoring was not consistent with that goal,” said Mike Loundes, technology and customer services director of Manx Telecom.

Manx Telecom turned to Empirix to provide a complete service assurance solution that would deliver end-to-end visibility across its entire network and ensure quality of experience for its customers.

“Empirix was far superior to the competition. The company was uniquely able to provide us with a unified service assurance solution. So really the initial choice of Empirix was a bit of a no brainer,” said Mike.

Unique technology, superior service

Mike continued, “From a technical perspective, the Empirix Diagnostix product is optimized for isolating the myriad of factors that can affect performance in complex, multi-protocol environments. More importantly, Empirix worked closely with our Network Operations team to design and implement a customized solution tailored to our environment as we worked through the upgrade process.”

The Empirix Diagnostix Service Assurance Platform offered a customer-centric approach to service assurance monitoring, collecting data on voice, video and data services, as well as application and network performance. Through intelligent correlation of key data points, Empirix Diagnostix created a true picture of customer experience from the millions of packets traversing Manx Telecom’s networks. With powerful access to fully correlated data, Manx Telecom could also significantly cut the time it takes to understand issues in its complex environments to reduce “cost per problem.”

“Gaining visibility into endto-end communications and having a system that can allow correlation across those different endpoints is really helping us master network complexity,” commented Mike.

Manx Telecom has come to understand that a holistic view of the network is critical for successfully preempting issues and resolving problems before they impact customers. And for a customer-centric organization like Manx Telecom, providing its customers with a satisfactory experience is key.

Mike concluded, “We see the Empirix solution as very central to our capabilities of monitoring and measuring our network going forward. We look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with Empirix.”

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