Case Study – Modivcare

Our Logistics customer was running an RFP (Request for proposal) with leading CCaaS vendors including Genesys, NiC and Five9.

Problem: customer wanted a real-world trial of each vendor, but the “how” of migrating thier business logic to three cloud platforms seemed cumbersome, impossible and they couldn’t figure out ‘where to start”

A Clarity engagement cataloged and continuously audited the live technical status, business behaviors and changes of activity of their existing legacy estate over a 30 day window.

✓ Automatically Catalogued legacy CX solution
for forensic analysis.

✓ Continuously Audit change to study business
and behavior.

✓ Documented what’s relevant, in the legacy CX
Solution, summarize in Clarity Report.

Result: Customer had an optimized configuration and a migration profile ready to be pushed to the new CCaas Platforms with minimal project friction

✓ Assured End-2-End governance and compliance
on BOTH the Legacy solution and the ‘new’
platform throughout the migration

✓ Managed multi-vendor premise & cloud
environments between Genesys, Avaya, & Cisco
from one cohesive and central UI and Database

✓ Established the Migration Profile, Automate
Translation of relevant configuration

✓ Automated Migration & Delivery directly into
the new platform.

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