Swisscom Case Study

Swisscom ensures a great customer experience with Empirix

Swisscom invested in Empirix Testing and Monitoring Solutions in order to significantly improve the quality of its customer service, which directly and positively impacts the company’s ongoing success and technology leadership.

Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecommunications provider, has been supplying residents with telecommunications services—including mobile and fixed-line communications and network technologies—for more than 150 years. Today, Swisscom has close to 6 million mobile customers, 1.6 million broadband connections and a steadily increasing base of TV customers.

In a highly competitive industry, Swisscom knows the value of providing a great customer experience. Not only are they committed to quality at the network level, they are also dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service. For the last decade, Swisscom has relied on solutions from Empirix to help maintain the high quality experience it promises each of its customers.

Commitment to service

To effectively serve customers, Swisscom employs more than 3,400 associates in 25 locations, making it the largest contact center in Switzerland. As the central hub for all customer communications, these contact centers must provide a great experience for customers every time. For Swisscom, maintaining the highest possible level of service is critical to the company’s ongoing success.

As its business expands, one important challenge the company faces is being able to answer every customer call in a timely manner. Swisscom in no way wants to face the issue of having disappointed callers who experience long hold times and, in the worst case scenario, decide to switch to a competitor. Being able to get through to the contact center is an essential prerequisite to keeping Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) at a high level.

To prevent network overload issues, which lead to long wait times in the customer service queue, Swisscom recognized the need for proactive assurance provided by a testing and monitoring solution. Testing solutions allow organizations to replicate real-world customer behaviors in a pre-deployment environment and correct potential issues prior to roll out of a new service or update. Monitoring solutions provide ongoing visibility, enabling organizations to identify malfunctions early, determine the best approach to fixing problems and rectify issues before they impact customer experience.

From a technical perspective, a contact center environment is extremely fluid and complex. As a result, it is prone to errors. “Even a slight change can have a significant impact on the functionality of the system overall,” said Karl Gschwend, customer interaction management at Swisscom. “It is incredibly important to have a good testing and monitoring system in place.”

In 2001, Swisscom began exploring a variety of options for load testing its new systems. With the guidance of its partner, Telenet GmbH, Swisscom selected the Empirix Hammer Test System and integrated the technology into its existing environment.

“Telenet supplied our IVR system and we were glad to receive their recommendation on how to best perform the required load tests,” said Gschwend. “Telenet suggested the Empirix Hammer Test System and we were immediately pleased with our choice. It enabled us to detect potential issues early in the process and helped us increase the reliability and continuity of the system.”

Reliability and continuity are essential criteria for Swisscom. “It is very important for us to work with someone who has expertise with our particular systems and understands how the different components affect each other. This is particularly important as we are constantly enhancing our contact center to better service our customers,” explained Gschwend.

Swisscom works closely with Telenet to ensure that all its contact center technologies are kept up to date with current industry standards. This means continuously adding new components and implementing all relevant upgrades.

As its contact center has evolved, Swisscom has expanded its use of Empirix testing solutions to validate a wider range of contact center components and network protocols. Over the years, Swisscom’s original systems were upgraded with additional Empirix solutions for enhanced load testing capabilities, as well as the ongoing surveillance of the contact center network. These upgrades included the implementation of Empirix Hammer IP and Empirix Hammer TDM as well as CallMaster for test script creation and reporting. These solutions test a multitude of functions that all contribute to quality assurance and guarantee a smooth operation of the contact center platform.

“We rely on Empirix to help us create a great customer experience, every time,” said Gschwend. “Empirix ensures that we are always able to answer a customer call, across multiple locations, and that our self service solutions are functioning as designed.”

Swisscom’s investment in assurance has helped the company experience a significant improvement in the quality of its customer service, which has had a direct impact on the company’s ongoing success and technology leadership.

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