Business Continuity in the Face of COVID-19 Pandemic

This is in response to inquiries about Empirix Business Operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are all keenly aware of, and impacted in some way by, the COVID-19 pandemic. Empirix continues to closely monitor its status.

Our customers depend on us to support their mission-critical operations. In light of the global health crisis, the solutions we provide are more even critical than before. As such, Empirix leadership and staff understand the importance of serving you, our customers, without disruption or degradation of service.  We take our commitment to providing highly available and secure services seriously while balancing the health and safety of our employees and our customers.

Because preparedness and risk mitigation are part of our regular business practices, our ability to serve our customers has not, nor will it be, impacted by this crisis. Preventative measures are in place or have been taken to ensure business continuity of both ourselves and for our customers.

Empirix is following local, state and federal stay-at-home and social distancing orders in all regions, globally. Since Empirix has always had a flexible workforce and an infrastructure designed to support it, this transition has been seamless. All key customer service and technical product support functions are operating as they normally do. Employees are still required to access the company network through a VPN and security standards at our data centers and operations hubs remain high. Nonetheless, our cross-functional teams have taken additional steps to mitigate potential disruptions to our operations.

We maintain a robust business continuity strategy for our production services and platforms to mitigate disruption caused by scenarios such as workplace accessibility and/ or staffing shortages. We have identified the critical processes and teams within each function to maintain operational continuity, with contingency plans captured for each team.

By design, our customer service and technology functions are globally distributed to provide short-to-medium term operational resilience. We regularly assess business continuity risk related to vendors and service providers in our supply chain and continue to analyze potential supply chain risks and adjust to this unusually dynamic situation.

At this time, none of our customer service or technology functions are affected, and we do not anticipate any impact to our operations due to supplier disruption. Should our status change, we will update you immediately to uphold our commitment to trust and transparency.

You can see the latest updates here on how we are working to ensure safety and wellness in our ecosystem. To learn more about our Products and Services for business disruption testing and monitoring please visit Business Continuity Plan Testing Services.

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