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Hammer Cloud Platform is an easy-to-use, fully automated self-service testing platform for voice applications and contact center systems. It helps teams quickly detect and measure performance issues including capacity limitations, human-triggered configuration errors, IVR defects, carrier routing issues, application server and backend host latency, and CTI data and routing errors by automating QA, regression, load, and ongoing active testing efforts across the entire software development lifecycle.

Hammer Cloud Platform offers a comprehensive suite of SaaS-based technology
that enables test case design and test automation:

QA: functional, regression and systems integration testing

Performance: load, smoke and disaster recovery testing

VoiceWatch: ongoing ready-for-business testing

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Hammer™ can precisely duplicate realistic customer conditions. Listen, measure and respond in real-time. Every aspect of a user-journey can be controlled and tested using a Hammer™ and it can generate thousands of automated tests, saving your team millions of man-hours.

Requirements, become user-acceptance criteria, but what if requirements and user journey descriptions became the automated test-cases?

Hammer enables direct input from business teams to flow down into DevOps pipelines and directly into the code and it is all possible because Hammer opened up it’s code to your technical teams.

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