Gain actionable intelligence on true customer experience

Ensuring a great customer experience and fast troubleshooting means having a service assurance monitoring solution that covers the entire network, end to end.

Granular visibility of customer calls and data sessions is critical to having a rich and accurate view of the customer experience.

Diagnostix includes high-capacity probes with integrated DPI, support for broadband data over 100 Gbps, and the ability to monitor and analyze hundreds of thousands of RTP streams.

It also includes powerful troubleshooting tools, including:

  • Flexible correlation engine
  • Raw packet capture
  • Sophisticated filtering options

All of which enable fast, comprehensive root cause discovery.

Diagnostix also creates a rich ASDR (Application and Services Detail Record) combining location, subscriber, network, and service performance for every subscriber call and session monitored.

Diagnostix Screenshot


  • Quality measurement: Diagnostix helps assess QoS, QoE, and Quality of Application
  • Cutting-edge analysis: Highly granular, packet-level analysis on user plane activity
  • Monitoring: Complete, end-to-end monitoring of the entire network in a single view
  • Full network coverage: Sophisticated state machines for full decode and analysis of all major wireless and wired protocols
  • State-of-the-art probing technology: Deployment options include virtual, software only, or Empirix appliances
  • Rapid root cause analysis: Access to fully indexed current and historical call records on any filter criteria with one click drill down to ladder diagrams and detailed decodes

Troubleshooting team

Efficient troubleshooting

  • Reduce Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and associated costs.
  • Follow communication events from start to finish, regardless of network technology or service delivery method
  • Save time—tremendous amounts—normally spent diagnosing problems.
  • Provision multi-tier alarm thresholds on any supported KPI.
  • Collect control and user plane data on voice, video and data services from all fixed line and mobile network types

IT Engineer

Clarity on customer experience quality

  • More quickly understand issues impacting subscriber QoE
  • Gain greater clarity around the complex factors affecting customer experience and overall network performance
  • Significantly shorten the time it takes to access data for decision making.
  • Correlate call and data sessions even as they traverse multiple interfaces and network elements for end-to-end visibility.
  • Fully map user and control plane data to provide a true picture of customer experience.


Efficient routes to insight

  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to understand issues in complex environments
  • Powerful database supports multi-dimensional, complex queries into subscribers, network elements and/or protocols
  • Query collected data along multiple dimensions to get complete answers and insight much more quickly.
  • Link returned results to ladder diagrams and protocol decodes for deep dives into packet and message level analysis
  • Provide operational reports on every aspect of network and service utilization

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