Diagnostix Applications

Quickly identify service-impacting issues, their impact and root cause

Diagnostix is a set of applications within KLERITY’s solution framework designed to help operations teams quickly identify service-impacting issues and their true root cause across networks, services, devices and applications.  It provides granular insight into call and data sessions to provide an accurate view of network performance and customer experience.

Diagnostix applications empower you to:

  • Perform end-to-end subscriber, protocol, network and call search
  • Get near real-time insights into the most critical network and infrastructure failures
  • Use guided workflows to identify issues, their impact and root cause
  • Analyze real-time and historical alarms, KPIs and KQIs for services, locations and applications
  • Benefit from flexible alarming and alerting configuration logic
  • Conduct deep packet analysis
  • Leverage pre-configured data browsing logic to navigate network and infrastructure traffic data from various perspectives
  • Develop custom logic, enrichments, KPI / KQIs, reports, dashboards and workflow designs

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