Hammer CallMaster

Automated test script design

Empirix Hammer CallMaster is a sophisticated application used for test development, debug, scheduling, and reporting across the entire testing lifecycle. Test scripts for the Empirix Hammer Test Solution are automatically created from a call flow diagram. A patented path generation technology can be used to find all paths through the diagram for comprehensive feature or regression testing, or to simply create scripts from user specified paths for load test or ongoing management.


  • Leverage same scripts across all phases of testing-feature/regression, and ongoing management
  • Automatic generation of comprehensive test scripts and documentation from a call flow diagram
  • Built-in reporting capability
  • Ability to remotely control and debug scripts, including remote audio

Once the scripts are created, they can be remotely debugged from an Empirix Hammer CallMaster client. Remote audio makes it possible to also remotely debug vocabularies and to listen to the voice application as the test script is running. This enables developers to work from their desk and have their Empirix Hammer Test Solution in a separate lab.

Load test scenarios are easily defined by specifying the mix of scripts and their ramp profiles. Empirix Hammer CallMaster also lets you distribute these scripts across multiple remote Empirix Hammer Test Solutions.

A broad range of reports is automatically created to provide detailed summaries of failure rates and performance for any step in the call flow as function of call volume. The same scripts developed in Empirix Hammer CallMaster for feature and load test can then also be used directly for management on the Empirix OneSight for Contact Centers Voice Management System.

The scripts automatically store and write the test results such that performance and failure data can be accessed anytime, anywhere via the available Empirix OneSight Web interface.

Comprehensive feature test capability

For IVR development and QA testing groups who want to deploy new applications faster and at higher levels of quality, Empirix Hammer CallMaster provides a fully automated testing solution that reduces test design, development, and execution time by up to 90% while assuring 100% test coverage.

Unlike manual test design and execution, which is tedious, unreliable, and timeconsuming, Empirix’s solution automatically generates and executes comprehensive feature tests from a call flow diagram, reducing test development time from weeks to days. Thus, it becomes practical to thoroughly test every new and modified IVR application prior to deployment.

Comprehensive test coverage

Call flow diagrams are created using Empirix Hammer CallMaster’s graphical call flow editor in conjunction with a standard library of call flow icons. Each call flow icon contains the Empirix Hammer Test Solution Visual Basic code necessary to execute the call flow action and an appropriate set of default telephony parameters.

These parameters can be overridden on either a global or instance basis. Users then specify data that is to be used for the tests. The database can be defined separately in Empirix Hammer CallMaster or linked to a separate database.

Once the call flow diagram is created, Empirix Hammer CallMaster’s Automatic Test Generator uses a highly efficient algorithm to find an optimal set of test paths through the call flow diagram. The generated test scripts cover all call flow icons and all data at least once. In addition, a brief textual description of each test is produced for review, documentation, or manual test execution purposes. As requirements change or new features are added, Empirix Hammer CallMaster ensures that regression test scripts can be rebuilt in minutes, guaranteeing that new application elements will not conflict with existing features.

Leverage feature test scripts for load test and ongoing performance management

Any of the scripts developed for feature testing can be used directly for load testing or ongoing management. Alternatively, users can specify specific paths in the call flow diagram that represent the high volume paths through the application under test and generate a suite of load test scripts for these designated paths.

Users can then define the relative mix of call volume that the Empirix Hammer Test Solution will generate for each path. For example, a banking application might have 50% of the load test calls going down an account balance path, 30% doing accounts transfer, and 20% checking current rates. Once the mix is set, users can then easily specify the load ramp profile. While the test runs, data is automatically collected for easy recall and available in a variety of different reports.

The same scripts developed for testing can also be used for management. Users can also specify specific paths for scripts in the call flow diagram and then generate a specific suite of ongoing management scripts. Having a single call flow diagram for generating feature, regression, load, and management test suites greatly simplifies the maintenance of scripts. If any application changes, users simply edit the call flow diagram once and then automatically re-generate all the test suites. These scripts automatically format and store the resulting test data so that it can be displayed in real-time with the available Web interface included as part of Empirix OneSight for Contact Centers.

Automated reporting

Empirix Hammer CallMaster has a broad range of built-in reports for both testing and management. These include failure summaries, failure type distributions, trending charts of key performance parameters over time, graphical correlation that show both failure rate and response time for any step in a call flow as function of call volume, and many more.

Remote test development

Empirix Hammer CallMaster provides a distributed architecture that enables development, run time control, access to failure data and report generation from remote clients that can be anywhere on a company’s network. This approach enables broad access to the Empirix Hammer Test Solution without needing to sit physically at the machine.


Anywhere access technology

Shorter development time

Easy to use standard icons

Comprehensive reports

Automated full coverage

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