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Hammer Cloud Platform

Self-Service, SaaS-Based Test Automation Platform for Contact Center and Enterprise Networks

Hammer Cloud Platform (HCP) is Empirix's new comprehensive, test automation offering that integrates functional, regression, systems integration, performance, and customer experience testing into an intuitive, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. With HCP, it's easier than ever for contact center and enterprise network teams to accelerate their software development lifecycles. 

HCP is geared toward infrastructure planning, application development (AppDev), DevOps, operations, and quality assurance (QA) teams who execute frequent tests to ensure their contact center applications are primed for business. With the rapid adoption of DevOps methodologies, regular testing has become increasingly vital. HCP eliminates defects caused by rushed release cycles and helps DevOps teams reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), slash rework costs, and provide a truly optimized experience for customers

With HCP, cross-functional teams can create, schedule and execute QA test cases, deploy large-scale tests, and run ongoing test scenarios in production environments. Teams can quickly migrate test cases between applications and facilitate workflow efficiencies. Our open APIs allow for integration with configuration management, bug tracking, inventory tracking, and other systems. 

Webcast: How to Tame CX Disruption with Automated, Collaborative Testing

SaaS Cloud Testing Dual ScreensLearn more about Hammer Cloud Platform during this webcast. We'll cover:

  • Why testing across the entire development lifecycle (SDLC) is important
  • How to minimize redundant testing efforts
  • How to ensure that your contact center is ready for business
  • Testing best practices
  • Introduction to Hammer Cloud Platform

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Hammer Cloud Platform offers a comprehensive suite of SaaS-based technologies that enable test case design and test automation:

  • Hammer On-Demand QA: functional, regression and systems integration testing
  • Hammer On-Demand Performance: load, smoke and disaster recovery testing
  • VoiceWatch: ongoing ready-for-business testing
  • CallMaster: automated test script design

HCP is for teams including:

  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Contact Center Operations
  • Capacity Planning
  • Architecture Design
  • Application Development

Key materials

How to Tame CX Disruptions with Automated, Collaborative Testing

Hammer Cloud Platform Datasheet

Safeguard CX with test automation for the entire SDLC

In a DevOps world, development, QA and operations teams, by design, work collaboratively. Nowhere is this more critical than in the complex, ever-changing contact center environment. Even with careful planning, technology failures or disruptions can occur and negatively impact customer experience.

By working cross-functionally to identify customer-impacting issues and errors both pre- and post-change, contact center teams can accelerate release cycles, reduce unplanned downtime, reduce costs and consistently deliver a quality customer experience.

Rapidly test and optimize quality for voice applications and contact center systems

Hammer Cloud Platform is an easy-to-use, fully automated self-service testing platform for voice applications and contact center systems.

It helps QA, DevOps and IT teams quickly detect and measure performance issues including capacity limitations, human-triggered configuration errors, IVR defects, carrier routing
issues, application server and backend host latency, and CTI data and routing errors by
automating QA, regression, load, and ongoing active testing efforts across the entire
software development lifecycle.

Cross-functional collaboration breaks down silos

Hammer Cloud Platform offers unprecedented opportunity for QA, DevOps and IT teams to collaborate on creating, scheduling and executing tests to ensure your contact center is performing as designed.

With Hammer Cloud Platform, teams can easily automate script creation from existing designs, reuse and deploy test cases between applications and facilitate workflow efficiencies. Open APIs allow integration with configuration management, bug tracking, and other solutions for full DevOps orchestration.