Hammer Ohm™

Hammer Ohm™

Privacy-Compliant, Voice Quality Test Automation and Measurement Solution for Work-from-Home Environments

Brand sentiment and customer loyalty are fragile so companies must closely manage and monitor quality of experience from start to finish. You may very well have quality measures in place for your corporate-managed technology landscape, but what happens outside of your four walls?

Today’s remote workforce relies on a loose web of residential networks (ISPs), VPNs and other technologies to conduct business as usual. However, the performance of these networks can be unpredictable and there is little corporate IT can do to control it. This puts customer experience at risk.

Costing companies billions in productivity, lost sales, and customer churn each year, regaining control over quality across the extended corporate landscape will have a very real impact on the bottom line.

A Quality Experience Starts with Visibility

Hammer Ohm™ puts business and IT teams back in control of customer experience by giving them visibility into the disruptions that influence CX and brand sentiment. It enables companies to build more productive and memorable customer experiences by assuring the delivery of high-quality voice interactions.

Leveraging decades of voice quality testing and monitoring expertise, Hammer Ohm empowers teams to collaboratively improve and control quality of experience without breaching employee privacy or putting regulatory compliance at risk.

Don’t leave quality to chance. In addition to having the lowest cost of ownership, Hammer Ohm offers the following capabilities and benefits:

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Instant deployment

Privacy compliant

Boost workforce productivity

Reduce churn

Reduce operating expenses

Get to root cause faster

Measure Quality and Performance of Broadband Connections with VoiceRNA

With Hammer Ohm, teams can measure and validate the quality and performance of broadband connections into corporate networks and data centers using metrics such as connection strength, jitter, MOS score, voice quality, latency and upstream and downstream speeds. These metrics combine into a single, numeric quality score called VoiceRNA which enables teams to rapidly detect problems.

Quickly Regain Control Over CX

Firewalls, VPNs, SBCs, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can suffer from capacity and reliability issues which negatively affect customer experience. Empirix Hammer Ohm provides business and IT teams the visibility and control they need to quickly find and resolve the issues that routinely degrade CX . Determine whether an issue is isolated to a specific location or impacting multiple agents (eg – stemming from a specific ISP).

Respect Privacy Rules

Quickly rule out issues related to home networks and get to root cause faster without interfering with customer or employee privacy.

Boost Productivity

Dropped calls, latency, and connectivity issues are responsible for billions of dollars in lost productivity and customer churn each year. Your ability to quickly identify and resolve them directly impacts workforce productivity and your bottom line.

Redirect Inbound Traffic

Your workforce may be remote, but SLAs and customer expectations have not changed. You’re still on the hook to deliver a quality experience. Gaining visibility into ISP performance provides the insight you need to redirect inbound customer traffic to agents with high connection quality therefore protecting CX.

Enjoy Rapid Time-to-Value

Hammer Ohm is easy to deploy, customize and use. A lightweight controller server is deployed on the back end and remote workers access the test interface via their browser. Teams can get up and running in under an hour.

Built-in Reporting

Hammer Ohm’s open data collection framework allows it to easily integrate with analytic applications for deeper discovery and analysis of data sets. It’s active data capture library provides useful insights for user plane analysis and classification of ongoing network issues.

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