Hammer Ohm™

Automated Voice Quality Testing and Customer Experience Monitoring Solution for Work-from-Home Environments

For the first time in recent history, there are more people working remotely than in corporate offices. This shift has substantially changed network traffic patterns for millions of businesses worldwide, creating capacity and reliability issues with firewalls, VPNs, SBCs, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

These issues are having a very real impact on customer experience and productivity, and are costing companies billions in productivity, lost sales, and customer churn each year. Furthermore, contact centers still lack the visibility they need into ISP performance to deliver a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

Extend Your Testing and Monitoring Efforts to Include Work-from-Home Environments

Hammer Ohm™ empowers Contact Center Operations and Customer Experience teams to extend the testing and monitoring capabilities of the well-known Hammer portfolio to work-from-home environments, enabling the delivery of high-quality voice interactions with customers and colleagues. Decades of voice quality testing and monitoring expertise have been engineered into Hammer Ohm giving operations teams the unique ability to test from both the agent and customer perspectives.

It is the ideal choice for organizations looking to improve remote worker productivity and customer experience.

Fiber Optic Cable

Validate Remote Worker Broadband Connections

Hammer Ohm measures Internet Service Provider (ISP) connection strength, jitter, MOS score, voice quality, latency and upstream and downstream speeds, enabling teams to validate the quality and performance of remote broadband connections to corporate networks and data centers.

Call center

Meet Customer Expectations and SLAs

Just because your workforce is remote doesn’t mean that customer expectations have changed. You’re still on the hook to deliver a quality experience.

Transformation in UC

Boost Workforce Productivity

Dropped calls, latency, and connectivity problems are responsible for billions of dollars in lost productivity and customer churn each year. The ability to efficiently identify and resolve those issues has a direct impact on workforce productivity and your bottom line.

Home networks are not just part of the customer journey,
they make it possible for remote workers to do their jobs.

Audit SLAs

Enjoy Rapid Time-to-Value

Hammer Ohm is easy to deploy, customize and use. A lightweight controller server is deployed on the back end and remote workers access the test interface via their browser. Teams can get up and running in under an hour.


Get to Root Cause Faster

Quickly rule out issues related to home networks and get to root cause faster.

Cloud Network

Built-in Reporting

Hammer Ohm’s open data collection framework allows it to easily integrate with analytic applications for deeper discovery and analysis of data sets. It’s active data capture library provides useful insights for user plane analysis and classification of ongoing network issues.

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