Hammer On-Call Performance

Contact Center Performance Testing-as-a-Service

A single business-or technology-driven change can pose significant risk to the stability and performance of your contact center technologies. A turnkey, managed service load testing solution may be a worthwhile investment in scenarios such as the following:

  • Changing vendors for any of the following technologies: SIP, DID, or toll-free carrier; SBC; PBX; IVR; CTI; and agent desktop
  • Merger or acquisition drives need to integrate technologies while also expanding the capacity of the contact center platform
  • Peak busy season (open enrollment, Cyber Monday, holidays, tax season, hurricane season, etc.)
  • Migration of telephony infrastructure from physical to virtual
  • Migration of telephony infrastructure from on-premises to cloud


Minimize risk of catastrophic production system issues by identifying them prior to go-live

Test at peak expected call rates and volumes prior to measure performance before go-live

Eliminate technology issues that harm your corporate image or brand

Validate failover of carrier, SBC, call manager, and contact centers works as expected prior to go-live

Perform end-to-end testing through the PSTN network all the way to the agent desktop and phone

Deploy on premise or in the cloud

End-to-end Performance Testing

Testing is conducted end to end; measuring performance of all integrated technology components from the customer perspective as they interact with it.

Turnkey Testing

Testing is turnkey; Empirix testing experts build the test plan, develop the scripts, execute the testing, analyze the results, and provide a written summary report.

Testing That Emulates Real-World Traffic Patterns

Testing is done with traffic that is generated from Empirix’s data centers through the PSTN. It looks and feels just like real-world traffic patterns so that tests truly reflect what’s happening within your contact center environment from your customer’s perspective.

Conference Bridge

Testing is attended by an Empirix testing expert on a conference bridge for the duration of the testing.

Hammer = "the Kleenex" of Voice Testing

Empirix’s flagship brand, Hammer, was founded in 1992 and is the world’s most recognized brand in voice testing.  Our tenured testing experts are invested in your success and will work alongside your team to put a test plan in place that delivers results.

Success Stories

Fortis Case Study

Fortis Ensures Call Center Reliability and Gains €313,920 in Benefits With Empirix Hammer On-Call.

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