Hammer On-Call Security Testing

Security testing for unified communications and contact centers

A security breach of your unified communications (UC) or contact center (CC) technologies presents significant risk for most businesses. Consider conducting security testing to detect and remediate telephony vulnerabilities against your UC / CC technology if any of the following scenarios occur:

  • A telephony denial of service (TDoS) attack has occurred or is suspected of occurring in your contact center or enterprise telephony environment
  • Implementation of a new SBC (or similar component) that detects security attacks

With Hammer On-Call Security Testing, you can simulate a variety of TDoS attacks, such as:

  • Single source attacks against multiple phone numbers
  • Attacks against a single phone number from multisource phone numbers
  • A multisource attack directed against a sequential set of endpoints, typically phone extension DIDs
  • Malformed SIP headers

Internet of Things (IoT)

Security vulnerability scenarios

The Empirix Hammer software utilizes a customizable state machine that facilitates modification of SIP messaging to test for a wider range of security vulnerability scenarios.

Network Monitoring

Testing experts

Empirix testing experts who have the knowledge and expertise to reproduce the security vulnerabilities that concern you most.

Security vault


Implementation of a new security, blacklist-capable component that blocks specific traffic.

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