Hammer On-Call Security Testing

Security testing for unified communications and contact centers

Unified communication (UC) and contact center (CC) technologies are the backbone of business operations for many companies making them prime targets for security attacks. Protecting these vulnerable environments is an unfortunate but critical requirement for any business.

Testing strategies can help technology teams combat security threats by

  • detecting and remediating existing or suspected Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attacks
  • ensuring the efficient and continuous operation of new or upgraded security components, such as SBCs
  • validating the interoperability of those security components with other CC or UC technologies

With Hammer On-Call Security Testing, you can simulate a variety of TDoS attacks, such as:

  • Single source attacks against multiple phone numbers
  • Attacks against a single phone number from multi-source phone numbers
  • A multi-source attack directed against a sequential set of endpoints, typically phone extension DIDs
  • Malformed SIP headers


Minimize your business or customer exposure to telephony security attacks

Restore confidence that security attacks will be detected and/or blocked

Test your way: on premises or in the cloud

Key Materials

Hammer On-Call Security Testing Brochure

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Hammer On-Call: Trusted Hammer Technology as a Service

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Supports testing for a broad range of security scenarios

A customizable state machine facilitates modification of SIP messaging to test for a wider range of security vulnerability scenarios.

Test with Confidence

Security threats are stressful enough. Empirix experts have decades of experience and can help you create and execute a test plan that will help you combat the security threats that concern you most.


Implementation of a new security, blacklist-capable component that blocks specific traffic.

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