Hammer On-Call

Trusted Hammer Technology – As a Service

Hammer On-Call validates end-to-end performance. It does this by emulating live traffic under real-world conditions to stress test and validate actual Quality of Experience.

Hammer On-Call combines the power of Empirix’s market-leading Hammer Test System with the Empirix team’s extensive, industry-leading testing experience and methodology, all while requiring minimal investment and support from the client organization.

Hammer On-Call ensures optimal network performance and a consistent, quality customer experience. Hammer On-Call emulates customers and network traffic at scale, enabling valuable analysis.

Hammer On-Call solutions test the full call capacity of both heterogeneous and homogeneous vendor infrastructures using the patented, award-winning Empirix Hammer Test System. Its intelligent call generation capabilities enable Hammer On-Call to deliver unlimited call capacity and voice quality measurements throughout the contact center. Hammer On-Call also offers the ability to simulate agent actions programmatically, which can be used to measure agent experiences and answer questions.

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The Hammer On-Call solution is specifically designed to meet the unique testing requirements of any organization, and is capable of exercising and validating all or some of the organization’s technology infrastructure.

Hammer On-Call supports best practice test methods that are critical to the success of any contact center improvement project. The solution’s proactive identification of business-impacting issues generates measurable positive returns.

Hammer On-Call is ideal for SIP trunking migrations, data center consolidation and disaster recovery projects, IVR platform roll-outs, CTI and agent desktop test automation.  

Technical Team

Expert Empirix consultants take care of everything

Make the process as interactive as you want. We’ll help you:

  • Develop a full test plan
  • Execute the tests
  • Produce detailed reports of the results
  • View results in real time through a secure website, regardless of physical location while tests are executed

Cross-functional Team Members

Materially improve operational efficiency

  • Keep projects on time and on budget. Enable a better match between testing and project milestones.
  • Measure quality from the customer to the agent and back. Ensure quality and drive loyalty.
  • Empower operations staff by giving them access to industry-leading Empirix experts who will help design and execute a strong test plan that meets business objectives.
  • Improve on system performance in real-time. Prove disaster recovery and failover scenarios in a real environment.
  • Assure proper regulatory safeguards are functional under real world conditions.

Loyal Customer

Drive higher financial and customer loyalty ROI faster

  • Assess customer experience, not just performance
  • Guarantee performance with reduced risk
  • Test customer experience from end to end
  • Identify and fix problems before going live
  • Validate multi-vendor environments, including equipment and configuration settings
  • Choose from flexible delivery options: on-premises, managed, or cloud-based services

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