Hammer On-Demand Performance Testing

Conduct on-demand and frequent performance testing

Ongoing business or technology-driven change could pose significant risk to the stability and performance of your contact center technologies. The ability to conduct on-demand and frequent performance testing can offer significant benefits under the following conditions:

  • Frequent IVR application releases
  • Recurring voice infrastructure operating system patches or service pack maintenance
  • Quarterly upgrades of key telephony components including SBC, IVR, dialer, workforce management, CTI and agent desktop
  • Unplanned outages to call routing rules or business hours


On-demand, end-user access to run small-to-medium volume performance tests

Fully hosted within the Empirix cloud or a private cloud within your own network

Traffic is generated from Empirix datacenters through the PSTN, which is representative of live customer traffic

Create, maintain and execute your own test scripts

Success Stories

T-Mobile Case Study

T-Mobile uses Empirix Hammer Test Solutions to test new communications services in an automated, accelerated, and repeatable way. Empirix Hammer Test Solutions enable the company to cut integration time and costs, as well as ensure the quality of each new service.

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Reduce Risk

Minimize risk of unexpected production issues by generating desired volume of call traffic immediately after patching, upgrades, or new releases to verify expected performance and stability before go-live.

Reduce Costs

Reduce operational costs by reducing the frequency and severity of issues and outages, thereby minimizing allhands troubleshooting efforts.

Prevent Customer Churn

Improve customer experience, brand reputation and customer retention by finding and fixing issues before they impact customers.

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