Hammer On-Demand QA Testing

Transform the quality assurance testing process

QA testing is often resource intensive and inefficient. In fact, most contact centers suffer from poor testing coverage, long test cycles and marginal test quality. Companies have an opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce costs by aligning proper QA testing processes and resources.


The following drivers could indicate a need for a new comprehensive QA testing approach:

  • You have people manually executing test cases with their phones
  • There’s a top-down organizational initiative to implement a DevOps or CICD/agile framework
  • New IVR applications are being designed but there’s no plan to fully test them
  • Current test cases are documented in a standardized, text-friendly format
  • You lack the time for IVR regression testing

Network Monitoring

CallMaster Transformer

CallMaster Transformer takes an existing test case design in a standardized format (CSV, XML, VXML) and converts it directly into an Empirix test script — no need to spend time scripting!

Online Learning

CallMaster Go

CallMaster Go provides a simple, intuitive, web-based script design application that enables test automation for the non-technical user.

Happy caller

CallMaster Developer

CallMaster Developer offers the power and flexibility to implement model-based scripting for sophisticated IVR applications utilizing dynamic data.

Cloud Network

Cloud platform

Geo and carrier redundancy of the Empirix Cloud Platform ensure your monitoring is always available.

Automated, Collaborative Testing

Quality assurance best practices

Empirix professional services have the knowledge and expertise to guide you with test automation QA best practices.

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