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Hammer On-Demand

Hammer On-Demand is a new powerful, intuitive and innovative solution capable of automating functional, regression testing, and performance/load testing for voice-enabled applications. It is designed to:

  • Increase test coverage
  • Reduce errors
  • Simplify and automate test case creation
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Facilitate cross-functional collaboration via a universal platform
  • Ensure on-demand execution
  • Deliver automated reporting

With Hammer On-Demand, QA teams can realize 80% savings in time and effort with the click of a button, all while improving application quality.

Automated reporting enables organizations to quickly identify problem areas and eliminate defects earlier in the development process, minimizing risks and reducing operational costs.

Intuitive Solution, Automated Test Creation

Test automation is a must for organizations adopting Agile practices or behavior-driven development / behavior-driven test design.  
With Hammer On-Demand, both expert and novice users can easily configure stories and test behavior, with hundreds of tests automatically executed in minutes, enabling them to assure quality and avoid human errors, bugs, delays and skyrocketing costs.

Instantly Locate Quality Issues

Hammer On-Demand delivers comprehensive reporting to rapidly detect regression bugs and new defects in addition to tracking project process. This functionality enables business analysts to classify and prioritize fixes, and test and verify improvements. The test cases are also useful to operations teams for ongoing production monitoring and alerting.


  • Simplifies, automates and accelerates regression testing 
  • Delivers 80% savings in QA time at the click of a button
  • Eliminates human errors and increases coverage 
  • Improves customer experience by matching test automation scripts with customer journeys
  • Reduces cycle time from weeks to hours by automating user acceptance tests
  • Provides intelligent reports that isolate bugs and regression defects, with release comparison reports to verify production readiness
  • Boosts collaboration across development, QA, DevOps, operations and business functions
  • Minimizes risk enabling organizations to deploy with confidence and improve customer experiences

Key materials

Increase Test Coverage and Reduce Errors

  • User-Behavior-Driven Test Cases assure optimal user experiences and peace of mind.
  • Automated script creation can increase application 10x. Script libraries reduce confusion and rework.
  • Mitigate risk and errors by removing manual entry and subjective interpretation. 

Accelerate Testing and Reduce Operational Costs

  • Speed up testing and agility to detect and eliminate defects in minutes instead of days.
  • Expedite time to market with the ability to roll out new functionality with production quality 2-3 times faster.
  • Eliminate rework and reduce costs by reusing existing test scripts in the universal library for performance testing and production monitoring.

Boost Quality and Ensure Optimal User Experiences

  • Increase user satisfaction and reduce churn.
  • Cut support costs and increase FCR (first call resolution) by identifying problems earlier.
  • Protect business revenue and brand reputation by ensuring customer experience and availability.