The trusted contact center testing technology that delivers results

Hammer contact center testing software arms QA, DevOps and IT teams with the ability to rapidly test and optimize quality for voice applications, mobile applications and contact center systems in a robust, comprehensive manner.

The platform improves CX by identifying and correcting experience-related problems before and during production operations. Organizations can leverage Hammer to detect and measure performance issues across their entire communication network. 


Covers every element of a call flow—acting just like actual customers

The Hammer Test System can emulate customer interaction with your contact center, including dialing in or receiving calls, just like your customers would. The system can enter or speak account information, and listen to ensure that the right responses are played—all while measuring system and network response times throughout each test call.

Hammer emulates every aspect of a call flow, including the entry of dynamic information, using touch tones, and can play an unlimited number of voice files for testing speech-recognition-based systems. Hammer’s patented recognition capability allows automatic verification that the correct prompts are being played in the application. 

Call Center Employee

Greater application coverage with significantly less effort

Enable an unprecedented,thorough approach to acceptance, regression, interoperability and load testing.

Ensure that the technology infrastructure performs to specifications—before it is put into production.

Address a range of possible problems, including poor voice quality, improper call routing, dropped calls, improper data, slow data arrival, reduced application performance, call abandon rates higher than target due to technology


Accelerate testing and development by up to 90%

  • Low TCO from flexible configurations across diverse environments
  • Significantly reduce effort for mapping test-cases to project requirements..
  • Drastically reduce administrative work for technical teams
  • Improve teams’ ability to focus on core responsibilities and much more quickly identify root causes of current and potential issues.
  • Empower application and network teams to leverage a common suite of tools for rapid effective collaboration.
  • Implement best practices in your DevOps strategy by engaging regression and smoke tests on new builds

Cross-functional team members

Enable non-technical teams to participate, and save resources

  • Save hours of setup and troubleshooting
  • Use a single call-flow diagram to generate necessary tests.
  • Drag and drop icons to create a call-flow diagram using standard icons, or create customized icons.
  • Simply edit the call-flow diagram if an application changes, and all scripts are automatically regenerated.
  • Automatically dial into applications and equipment just like actual users and customers.


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