Improve customer experience with near real-time intelligence

How do you turn terabytes of raw data into real-time intelligence that can improve the customer experience, performance management, and strategic business decision making?

Efficiently gain the visibility and intelligence that:

  • Improves the subscriber experience
  • Reduces customer churn
  • Streamlines business operations
  • Reveals innovative business models

Holistix Real-Time Monitoring Screenshot

A single platform for both near real-time monitoring and data analytics

Empirix Holistix is a platform that allows organizations to process information, uncovering insights that can be leveraged to quickly generate actionable intelligence and analysis based on highly nuanced results.


Near-real-time monitoring and alarms

Build near-real-time views of services for early warning of revenue-impacting issues.

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  • Extract near real-time information from any existing data source
  • Generate indicators grouped by configurable dimensions
  • Associate any KPI/KQI to any service
  • Investigate issues up to the single data record (xDR), including protocol analysis, once alarms are generated
  • No need to rely on separate protocol analyzers anymore
  • Check the behavior of any single indicator and/or alarm over time through Holistix’s embedded business intelligence

Quality of Experience and Digital Transformation

Data analytics

Discover the information hidden in billions of data records related to subscriber traffic.

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  • Extract valuable information from network traffic leveraging Empirix’s extensive expertise available through the analytics packages
  • Adapt and tailor each report to keep them updated with multi-departmental requirements
  • Easy-to-configure linked dashboards composed of data aggregated from the Holistix database
  • Visually navigate data to discover hidden relationships amid large data volumes

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Subscriber analytics

Retrieve single subscriber or group of subscribers session information in “non-technical” format.

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  • All services accessed by a single subscriber or group of subscribers are scored by a set of KPI/KQI 
  • Optional data enrichment from CRM
  • Fully integrated with troubleshooting tools through drilldown


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