Monitoring, Assurance and Analytics for 5G and IoT

Networking advances are not only increasing our dependency on the internet, but they’re enabling new use cases for which failure is not an option. Loss of trust, the ultimate consequence of failure, will directly impact the long-term success of operators and their partners. So as 5G becomes reality, the scope of, and approach to, service assurance must change to prevent degradation of service quality and erosion of trust between providers, their customers and their ecosystem.

Introducing KLERITY, a solution framework for 5G and IoT monitoring, assurance and analytics that is cloud-native, open, and flexible, by design, with the lowest TCO. It consists of a library of functions and a set of applications that leverage them. KLERITY delivers transparency to networks, services, devices and applications, empowering operations, performance and quality teams to quickly detect and resolve issues, improve service quality, reduce churn and ultimately, build trust with those who use their services and their ecosystem.

Cloud-native, open, flexible. By design. With the lowest TCO.

Designed from the same principles as 5G, KLERITY collects, analyzes and correlates events from both physical and software-centric networks and infrastructures, making the “what, where and why” of issues readily clear, regardless of their origin.

KLERITY simplifies troubleshooting, optimizes root-cause analysis and accelerates mean-time-to-repair via a single easy to use interface, feeds, and open APIs.


Cloud-Native, Open and Flexible. By Design.

Based on Kubernetes (K8s), a production-grade container orchestration framework for deployment, scaling and management

Integrates with network orchestrators and infrastructure management APIs


Fastest Time to Root Cause

Powerful, flexible search capabilities, pre-built visualizations and machine learning


Lowest Cost to Deploy and Operate

Cloud-native functions enable the most efficient use of compute, storage and networking resources

Licensing decoupled from network traffic

Leverages best-in-class open-source technologies such as Kubernetes, Redis, Hadoop-Spark, Google Protocol Buffer (GPB) and Zero Message Queue (ZeroMQ)

Global network

Efficient, Elastic, and Robust

High-performance data processing

Centralized correlation of control and user plane traffic provides support for CUPS and a path forward for 5G SA network deployments


Most Complete and Flexible

Multi-source data collection and correlation from network functions and underlying infrastructure across end-to-end, multi-domain service path

Feeds and open APIs to access real-time events, metrics and KPIs

KLERITY Solution Framework

Klerity Solution Framework

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