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Diagnostix 6.2

Diagnostix, Empirix’s end-to-end network monitoring platform, offers some exciting new features in its latest release. Customers who upgrade to Diagnostix 6.2 can look forward to the following capabilities

  • SIP Flex Field Enhacements: In addition to defining flex fields from the SIP message header, you can now define them for information contained in the SDP; this includes embedded XML. For example, codec type can now be defined as a flex field and configured as searchable within Diagnostix.
  • Operational Reports: Diagnostix Operational Reports (DOR) are now available within the platform. Leveraging our Holistix aggregation engine, Diagnostix 6.2 provides 7 network network element-related perspectives, where users can customize, save and schedule reports/dashboards based on available charts, metrics and dimensions for wireless operators.
  • E2E Tracing Enhacements: Diagnostix E2E Trace can now completely replace the subscriber activity search and protocol search use cases previously available in Java to achieve high-quality standards. The feature set has been extended to include support for complex filtering setups such as nested “and/or/not” and “begins with/ends with/contains” conditions. The results display now allows users to jump to use cases, simplifying the navigation between different Diagnostix applications. A column picker tool makes adjusting and saving multiple result view templates easy. Also, the Empirix Ladder diagram now allows exports for selected nodes only.
  • OTT Video ASDR: Our OTT view analysis library has been updated to enable complete video quality of experience (QoE) assessments for YouTube, Netflix and Facebook Live content providers when streaming to iOS and Android devices. A new OTT Video ASDR, providing about 200 fields for DOR/Holistix uses cases, is now available.

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