Proactive end-to-end UX, application performance, and system health monitoring

Businesses often rely on self-service applications such as websites, IVRs, and chat bots to address common customer inquiries. When designed and implemented properly, these self-service applications can lead to reduced agent staffing costs and improved customer satisfaction. However, poor application performance can quickly erode those benefits.



  • Performance monitoring of voice, web, and chat applications, systems, and services
  • Proactively measure user experience with automated active test transactions
  • Polling and event collection measures network infrastructure and application performance
  • Single dashboard view of alarm activity, performance trending, and current monitoring state
  • Pre-built reports for SLA compliance, trending, and performance analysis
  • Limit user access to systems and services with hierarchical group profiles
  • Sequential, timed notifications and automated remediation plans
  • Customized alert templates
  • Prioritized, hierarchical alert dependencies
  • Fully customizable monitoring metrics

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The power of OneSight

OneSight empowers operations teams to quickly identify customer-impacting contact center technology issues, and their root cause, across multiple communication channels.

It is the only technology on the market that collects, correlates, analyzes, and presents contact center customer experience, infrastructure, and application performance metrics in a single monitoring solution.

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With operations teams empowered to connect the dots between technology issues and customer impact, OneSight users are able to improve both quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) for their customers.

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Understand customer experience

Leveraging the power of Empirix’s Hammer platform, OneSight generates automated transactions into your voice, web, or chat application services to emulate customer and user behavior.

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No longer reliant on customers to report issues, OneSight determines whether a given service is available, how responsive it is, and if it is consistently delivering the expected content.

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Measure application and system health

Reliable performance of your contact center’s underlying systems and applications is critical to ensuring a positive customer experience. Measurement of that performance allows you to proactively identify, isolate, and fix issues efficiently.

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Diverse polling and collection mechanisms enable OneSight to query virtually any computer system or software application for both health and performance metrics such as CPU utilization, process availability, memory consumption, and disk space usage.

Valuable, application specific performance data can also be collected from log files, SNMP, web services, and databases.

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Automate corrective actions

Unlike most monitoring tools, OneSight’s functionality extends beyond threshold alerts. Every collected metric or measurement can trigger one or more action plans – a series of events that occur when a specific condition is met.

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Action plans can include such basic behaviors as email, SMS, and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) notifications; or more advanced behaviors like web service GET/POSTs for interacting with other systems’ APIs, enabling or disabling a OneSight monitor, or executing a command-line batch script.

When built into a sequenced and timed series of events, action plans automate the steps to contain or resolve a condition. For example, an operations team can establish a conditional rule that, if a server experiences a memory leak at or above a certain threshold, it must restart and come back online.

Personnel will only be notified if the rule sequence fails or if the system does not come back online within the predefined period of time.

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Correlate, aggregate, and take action on disparate metrics

Compound monitors enable the correlation and aggregation of multiple disparate metrics within OneSight. This can be especially useful when determining whether a particular transaction, system, or application is over- or underperforming as compared to another.

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Compound monitors can also collect and produce an aggregate measurement of a desired metric such as concurrent calls, giving you comprehensive visibility into and control over contact center performance. As an example, a compound monitor could sum together the concurrent call count provided across each individual SBC or IVR system providing an overall network-wide concurrent call measurement that can be trended and reported on.


Evolve from NOC to SOC

OneSight helps your organization transform from a data-focused network operations center (NOC) to a service operation center (SOC) in which you can measure service-oriented performance from multiple perspectives.

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Automated communications transactions traversing through the contact center self-service applications provide visibility into the entire customer-facing service, while system polling and event collection provide insight into the root cause of user-impacting performance issues.

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