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Ensure quality customer experiences with OneSight proactive monitoring and end-to-end analysis

Empirix OneSight is a complete, end-to-end solution capable of proactively monitoring and analyzing customer experiences and network performance by application in real time.

With OneSight, you can implement an on-premises, multi-layer monitoring strategy that oversees customer and agent experience transactions, combined with back-end transaction monitoring, to achieve deep visibility across systems and infrastructure. Only OneSight provides:

  • A robust scripting engine to automate a myriad of contact center use cases
  • The ability to originate and measure test calls at different locations
  • Recorded playback of all test calls for enhanced diagnostics
  • Discovery and inventory of a UC solution—physical and logical elements and codependences
  • Key performance indicator thresholding, historical reporting, real-time alerts and notifications
  • Automated correlation and compound monitors

Instant system visibility, focused troubleshooting

Empirix OneSight enables you to quickly pinpoint performance degradation, and provides the tools needed to evaluate, address, and remediate these issues. The Empirix OneSight contact center and unified communications monitoring solution examines and evaluates system performance to assure optimal operation and availability so that enterprises can capture the benefits of IP telephony while maximizing uptime. System performance and availability are proactively monitored in real time.

Measurement of the Actual Call Experience

OneSight also measures the bidirectional voice quality actually experienced by users from start to finish. OneSight leverages Empirix’s industry-leading patented Hammer test generation technology to provide valuable insights regarding key performance and troubleshooting questions.

OneSight reduces mean time to repair by isolating performance and quality issues—including multi-vendor interoperability problems—throughout the infrastructure, and proactively sends notifications when issues are identified. 

Diagram showing OneSight's role in a deployment.


  • Complete and unified monitoring of customer and agent experiences, back-end transactions and systems, and infrastructure elements—all in one solution
  • Provides intelligence within a converged voice and data network on:
    • Related elements
    • Services and functions
    • Relationships
    • Functional dependencies and context
  • Evaluation of voice, video, data service quality and their impacts on one another
  • Dual active and passive monitoring including proactive measurement of actual call experiences to identify issues before customers are impacted
  • Real-time dashboards with utilization statistics, availability of resources (trunk groups, DSPs, etc.), capacity, and performance trending data via drilldowns

Key materials

Decrease Mean Time to Repair

  • Automated inventory and monitoring of the environment, updated nightly or on demand
  • Quickly determine that there is a problem with proactive monitoring and real-time alerts (End-to-end transactions dial to desktop, IVR…)
  • Collect data to provide root-cause correlation using log files, SNMP, WMI, Windows Performance Monitor, URL, DNS, database, and SSH virtual agent
  • Analyze customer experience and network performance, by application in real time using this complete, end-to-end solution
  • Diagnose customer experience issues and root causes 70% faster

Maximize Return on Investment

  • Comprehensive coverage to manage and optimize technology
  • Cut support costs
  • Unified monitoring
  • Caller experience transactions
    • Real calls into voice infrastructure and apps
    • Navigate IVR, conference bridge, voicemail, call recording and other voice apps
    • Active voice quality
  • Agent experience transactions
    • Call control, CTI and routing interfaces
    • Call recording system
  • Active back-end application transactions
    • VXML queries, DNS lookup, traceroute, database queries, ping
    • Web application response and latency, URL availability
  • Application and network
    • IVR, call recording, modular messaging
    • CPU, disk, SNMP, application log files

Improve User Satisfaction

  • Provide important intelligence on related elements, services and functions, and relationships, as well as functional dependencies and context within a converged voice and data network
  • Manage operational costs by verifying a system’s actual performance to ensure voice and video communications quality
  • Materially improve Quality of Experience
  • Reduce financial risk including penalties, transaction disputes and voice quality issues
  • Reduce the frequency and cost of technology failures
  • Reduce customer impact in terms of churn
  • Boost user satisfaction rates