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RAN Vision

All calls, all subscribers, all handsets: a complete network view

RAN Vision is a real-time, network-wide analytics solution to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize the Radio Access Network.

The radio interface is the revenue engine for mobile operators. The radio interface allows subscribers to move through the network and make and receive voice and data calls using a single phone number.

It has been estimated that about 80% of all problems experienced by subscribers on a mobile network are due to issues with the radio interface. These issues have a critical impact, including lack of service, dropped calls, and slow data download speeds.

Empirix RAN Vision is an intuitive, real-time, network-wide application that allows prompt detection of problems in both 3G and 4G radio environments as well as accurate diagnosis of their root cause.

It combines intelligent workflows with in-depth analysis to provide real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) with alarms to allow an operator to optimize the network.

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  • Reduce the time to manage, optimize, drive test and troubleshoot the radio access network
  • Allow non-radio specialists to detect and identify issues, freeing up radio specialists to improve the network
  • Improve Quality of Experience for subscribers, decreasing churn and increasing traffic
  • Accelerate rollouts of 4G and small cells, including identifying locations
  • Reduce the time to manage subscriber complaints
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements with real-time subscriber geolocation and identification
  • Assess performance and impact of investment and expenditure in base stations and handsets
  • Integrate data from diverse sources such as probes, OSS counters and traces, handset applications and STK applets, and present a single homogenous view of the radio environment 

Key materials

Management and Optimization

Reduce the time to manage, optimize, and troubleshoot the radio access network.

Traditional radio analysis can take hours. With RAN Vision, analysis is accelerated because the solution performs the number crunching.

A Tier 1 UK operator reported that a radio analysis that typically took six hours and a considerable amount of manual effort to complete was reduced to 20 seconds with RAN Vision.

Accelerated Rollouts

Accelerate rollouts of 4G and small cells.

Rollouts are costly in terms of capital and operational expenditure, and are quite intensive, with perhaps over a hundred cells (and quite often more) being activated on a daily basis. Managing the activation of such large numbers of cells can be overwhelming.

RAN Vision can automatically report on the activation of new cells and assess the quality of the radio environment including drops, call setup failures, handovers, and neighbor relations—reducing the amount of time it takes to rollout new cells.

Reduced Drive Testing

Reduce testing through a complete view of network performance.

Today’s networks have tens of millions of subscribers, but drive testing is for a very limited number of subscribers—the number of handsets that can be tested is small, and the view of network performance is just a snapshot.

This does not match today’s real-world performance, where the quality of the network is impacted by high volumes of users and can change in under 10 milliseconds.

RAN Vision captures all calls for all subscribers on all handsets, allowing a complete and accurate view of network performance.