Cloud-based active monitoring solution for contact centers

VoiceWatch leverages Empirix’s extensive testing experience to uniquely identify current and potential problems and root causes.

VoiceWatch uses transactional call flows to navigate the contact center customer’s end-to-end experience through automated applications and systems. VoiceWatch measures the availability, accuracy, and performance of network components, voice solutions, and back-end database systems to identify degradations or glitches before customers are impacted.

VoiceWatch can be easily customized for each client’s environment, network, systems, and needs, with specific tests, metrics, thresholds, and alerts configured to align with dynamic business demands.

VoiceWatch: Contact Center Monitoring screenshot

Customer Service Reps

Ensure a great customer experience

Gain complete visibility into the customer’s voice portal experience.

Leverage Empirix’s extensive testing experience to uniquely identify current and potential problems and their root causes.

Complement existing management tools with the customer experience perspective.


Protect against the unexpected

Get immediate alert notifications at the first sign of trouble.

Identify bottlenecks before they occur.

Fix issues before they impact customers.

Proactively monitor backup systems to ensure they are ready in the event of a failure.

Call Center

Monitor key functionality

SLA compliance audit

Voice application performance

Auto attendant

Voice quality

Speech application functionality

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Business hours/readiness

Customer experience measurement

Toll free availability

Courtesy callback/callback assist

Back-end host availability

Conference bridge

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