eBook: 7 critical steps for planning a successful contact center cloud migration

Building a plan that identifies the required steps helps ensure that your project goals are met on time and on budget. This eBook provides a guide to a 7-step process based on the experience we have gained helping companies migrate their contact centers to the cloud.

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On-Demand Webinar: Are Residential Networks Wreaking Havoc on CX?

With anywhere from 20% to 80% of contact center workers expected to work from home indefinitely, contact center and technology leaders should take a close look at the business impact that residential networks have on workforce productivity, contact center operations and customer experience. Could they be wreaking havoc on CX?

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eBook: 12 Tips for Flawless Customer Experience Across Remote Workforces

This eBook, How to Keep Customer Experience Consistent Across a Distributed Workforce highlights the 12 most critical and actionable steps that contact center operations and IT teams can take to detect and prevent such failures.

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Whitepaper: IDC's Unleashing Business Value with Contact Center Testing

We sat down with Melinda-Carol Ballou of IDC for some practical advice and guidance on what contact center and IT leaders can do to overcome the barriers to accelerating release cycles and improving overall quality within the contact center environment.

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On-Demand Webinar: The Anatomy of a 5G Network That Can't Fail

Future networks can’t afford to fail. Network outages, interruptions or even a half-second of latency can put business productivity, customer loyalty, and lives at risk.

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On-Demand Webinar: How to Tame CX Disruption with Automated, Collaborative Testing

In a DevOps world, development, QA and operations teams, by design, work collaboratively. Nowhere is this more critical than in the complex, ever-changing contact center environment.

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Whitepaper: Quality of Experience in the Digital Transformation Era

QoE in the Digital Transformation Era explores best practices for scoring QoE in today’s complex technological landscape.

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Whitepaper: 10 Tips for Developing a Powerful End-to-End Contact Center Testing Plan

To achieve the time and money savings that pre-deployment testing offers, you need in-depth strategy and execution plans.

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Mobile Device Analytics

This whitepaper examines these factors in detail, as well as the nature of customer behavior regarding device retention and perception of service quality.

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Top Metrics to Achieve Contact Center Assurance

This whitepaper outlines some of Empirix’s top metrics for aligning Agile development methodology and Six Sigma to create a comprehensive contact center assurance strategy.

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Critical Importance of True Modeling and Runtime Capabilities to Achieve Adequate Customer Experience Testing

Learn how to separate and control environmental conditions and test data based on the intent of the test case and the design of the system being assessed.

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The Future of IVR Customer Service Assurance

How can providers proactively serve customers while empowering them to use self-service tools and programs?

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Understanding Quality of Experience for Mobile Data

Mobile network operators (MNOs) must adapt to a rapidly changing market.

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The 5 KPI Classes Driving Customer Experience Management

When employed correctly, service providers can greatly differentiate themselves from the competition through customer experience management.

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NOC to SOC: A Next-Generation Approach to Understanding Proactive Customer Experience Assurance

This new approach to operational management provides a real-time view of how customers are experiencing each service.

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Getting the Most out of Your Migration to SIP Trunking

This whitepaper outlines the benefits and challenges involved in migrating to SIP trunking and provides guidance on how best to maximize return on investment in a SIP trunking environment.

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Voice Biometrics Pre-Deployment Test Methodologies

Voice-based authentication of callers, or voice biometrics, provides a user-friendly method to secure customer care interactions.

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Reducing Customer Churn

Delivering insight into customer churn in the service provider space and illustrating how detailed analysis of the service experience at an individual or group level can minimize churn and increase revenue.

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The ROI of Testing and Monitoring

Your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty depend on the quality of their experience. When customers communicate with a business, they do so using a business’ communication network.

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