Cloud Migration Assurance

Your contact center is a customer experience supply and demand solution. As an enterprise you care about how effectively this solution is being put to work – how much redundancy, irrelevance and inefficiency has built-up over the years.

If you want to clean out unwanted and unused configuration and optimize business performance or prepare to migrate quickly and learn as much about transformation upside prior to the migration, partner with Empirix and bring Clarity to your business.

De-risk cloud migrations by continuously auditing both source and destination platform, providing assurance, end-to-end, throughout the migration project.

Increase speed and quality of accurate changes, mitigating project exposure.

Migrate relevant legacy files, configuration, objects and agent data directly into your destination CX environment in weeks, rather than months.

Translate and move agents, groups, prompts and other relevant business configurations to your target cloud platform.

Reduce risk by packaging up data and configuration, automatically testing and then delivering to the target solution.

Ability to quickly, and automatically, rollback change when undesirable results are experienced.


Manage and merge your multi-vendor premise and cloud environments Genesys Cloud, PureConnect, Engage, Avaya, and Cisco – through one cohesive and central UI and data warehouse.

Ease the pressure on high-value constrained resources and change windows through pre-packaged change and testing.

Lower cost by reducing defects/ errors/ unplanned/ repeat/ manual effort.

24/7 auditing provides individual and process accountability.

Effective root cause analysis, security watch and compliance reporting.

Build performance predictability by ensuring Cloud Ops teams make optimal use of constrained delivery resources.

Enforce configuration standards that are portable from old to new.

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