Contact Center Assurance

Deliver excellence in customer experience

Whether you’re monitoring or reviewing a live deployment, or planning and testing for an expansion or expected spike in call volumes, you need a partner and technology solution to make it all as smooth and risk-free as possible.

In essence, you need Hammer, the trusted name in testing since 1992, and our other proven contact center solutions.

Whether pre-launch or post-production, on-premises solution or hosted by us, our solutions reduce risk, reduce effort, and accelerate testing and development.

So whether it’s confidence in a day-one contact center launch or simply aiming for excellence in day-to-day operation, there’s an Empirix testing and assurance solution that will work for you.

Test automation team

Test automation

Empirix offers automated VoIP, contact center, and unified communications test capabilities that enable end-to-end testing from the customer and agent perspectives. Automate performance testing, quality assurance/regression testing, security/interoperability testing and more.

Contact center team

Performance monitoring and diagnostics

Empirix delivers a 360-degree view into the health and performance of your VoIP, contact center, and unified communications technologies. Capabilities include user experience monitoring, system health monitoring, network performance monitoring, network diagnostics and more.

Customer Service Reps

Contact center chat

We perform stress testing and active monitoring of both the customer journey through your web portal down to the omnichannel skilled agent.

Automating voice and chat interaction at both ends enables you to measure the utilization of skilled agent positions under a variety of scenarios, giving you complete confidence of your business strategy aligning with your technological capabilities. 

Satisfied caller

IVR testing

No matter what stage you’re at in your development lifecycle. We have automated testing solutions that can emulate both devices and human behavior in labs or in production.

We enable you to measure real-world performance against business needs, giving you the metrics you need to ensure proper Customer Experience.

Contact Center Performance Monitoring

Proactive monitoring

Combine the measurement of actual call experience with the tracking and measurement of your technology components that support the user’s transaction.

Reduce your mean time to repair (MTTR) by automatically finding the root cause of problems before your customers do.

Network Testing

Regression testing

Use best practice methodologies to increase application coverage and reduce test execution times. 

Leverage our unique expertise to drive towards a more agile development and deployment methodology. 

You can deploy more features regularly and beat competitors to market with more useful customer experience journeys.

Automated, Collaborative Testing

Screen pop and CTI testing

Detailed Performance metrics on customer experience journeys through the IVR platform and how they are routed to skilled representatives.

Our methodology correlates  IVR experience with data delivery and agent experience at both the CTI and the desktop level.


Stress testing

Deploy with confidence. Too many problems arise in today’s contact center only when under significant traffic and in specific use models.

Verify interoperability and interconnect with multi-vendor and hybrid cloud and premise contact center models and prove scalability.

Collaborate real-time to eliminate problems and fix gaps in your failover and disaster recovery planning.

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