Monitoring, Assurance and Analytics

Enable advanced service monetization and deliver outstanding quality of experience

Communications technology advances, culminating in the ongoing virtualization of networks and services, with increasingly open, flexible and fluid architectures like 5G Standalone (5G SA), SDN and NFV, are today creating the promise of new revenue streams across both consumer and enterprise service categories. Alongside this flexibility however, comes a significant increase in complexity, with the concept of the deterministic ‘network topology’ losing prominence, and the traditional approach to network and service operations becoming increasingly costly and lacking in scalability.

Cloud-native networks require cloud-native assurance

This is where fully cloud-native and intelligent monitoring, assurance and analytics solutions come in. Not only is service assurance increasingly mission-critical for the creation of new revenue streams; the concept of the distinct service assurance ‘system’ operating alongside the network is itself becoming outdated. To support the promise of business agility, openness and experience differentiation at scale, monitoring, assurance and analytics must be an integral part of the entire service lifecycle: pre-launch, launch and in-service operations. This is particularly true as the cohort of ecosystem partners in the value chain expands. Without a fully cloud-native solution framework for service assurance of physical and virtualized networks; the opportunities to launch and monetize new revenue streams are significantly limited.

Empirix KLERITY™:  Cloud-native. By design

KLERITY™ is the first fully cloud-native solution framework for service assurance of physical and virtualized networks. It introduces advanced analytics, cross-domain correlation, contextual awareness and predictive awareness to service assurance, with full support for 5G Standalone (5G SA) networks and services, in all their incarnations:

  • Multi-Cloud
  • Multi-Operator
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Technology

The context for intelligence and transparency

KLERITY™ combines diverse data sources into a single platform for enhanced analysis of issues and root-causes. This is crucial for the rapid identification and resolution of problems for which cause and effect – spanning network functions, infrastructure, devices, services and subscribers – is not always obvious.

Introducing new data sources creates context. Deriving intelligence from this context requires advanced analytics. KLERITY™ provides the advanced analytics capabilities, including unique automated diagnostics and prediction capabilities, needed to pinpoint the root-causes of issues, in some cases even before they occur. This makes preventative operations a reality, provides the transparency needed by ecosystem partners and customers, and represents an important step towards zero-touch closed-loop automation.


Advanced service monetization and QoE differentiation

Reduce 5G SA, 5G NSA and IoT service TTM

Fastest time to root cause

Reduce operational costs and align costs to revenue

Maximize return on existing investments

Assure the full service lifecycle (pre-launch, launch, operation)

Build trust and strengthen customer satisfaction

Lowest TCO, consolidate tools, pricing independent of traffic

Comprehensive domain coverage, including 5G SA

KLERITY™ now supports 5G SA networks, adding to its multi-source data collection and correlation capabilities, from network functions to underlying infrastructure, with DPA (Deep Packet Analysis) providing the services and applications dimension for complete visibility, transparency and intelligence across the most advanced network architectures available today.

Cloud-native, open and flexible. By design

The first fully cloud-native solution framework for service assurance of physical and virtualized networks; KLERITY™ is highly reliable even under scenarios of rapidly fluctuating workloads. Based on Kubernetes (K8s), The production-grade container orchestration framework, which supports the fluid deployment, scaling and management of the KLERITY™ platform, it can operate on any combination of private clouds, public clouds and bare metal infrastructure.

KLERITY™ is an open framework, which can integrate with diverse network orchestration technologies through open infrastructure management APIs.

Fastest time to root cause, with advanced context awareness and transparency

The KLERITY™ framework supports advanced analytics capabilities to support proactive and predictive and advanced troubleshooting based on a broad range of data-sets, including location, device and application, for correlation of events and conditions that span the service and network domains.

Lower cost to deploy and operate

The fully cloud-native KLERITY™ framework enables the most efficient application management, optimizing the use of compute, storage and networking resources to minimize TCO, while also delivering the highest reliability and performance. Licensing is also decoupled from network traffic, providing predictability of costs to KLERITY™ customers.

KLERITY™ leverages best-in-class open-source technologies including Kubernetes, Redis, Hadoop-Spark, Google Protocol Buffer (GPB) and Zero Message Queue (ZeroMQ).

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