Customer Experience Assurance

What is your customers’ behavior on your network?

How can you assess their Quality of Experience (QoE)? And how do you analyze your wealth of network data to make intelligent, informed business decisions?

Our Customer Experience Assurance (CEA) solution, based on IntelliSight, is focused on these key business problems.

Combining industry-leading probe technologies with advanced data discovery, you can enjoy a unified view of your entire network, whether mobile or fixed.

With a subscriber-centric approach—how your users perceive the services end-to-end—and tools for early warning and root-cause identification of problems, we help you deliver excellence in customer experience, and let you make excellent network and business decisions that reduce risk and drive revenue increases.

Diagnostix (E-XMS)

Ensuring a great customer experience and fast troubleshooting means having a service assurance monitoring solution that covers the entire network, end to end.


Hammer Test System arms QA, DevOps and IT teams with the ability to rapidly test and optimize quality for voice applications, mobile applications and contact center systems in a robust, comprehensive manner.

Holistix (IntelliSight)

Leverage real-time intelligence to improve customer experience.

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