Monitoring, Assurance and Analytics

Quickly prevent and resolve the
most service-impacting issues

Technology advances have clear benefits, but they also introduce additional complexity to already complex environments, increasing the frequency and likelihood of defects and failures. Given how sensitive the trust and loyalty of your partners and customers is, one negative experience can influence their commitment, or lack thereof, to your business.

So how can service providers and IT teams reduce or eliminate the impact that service issues have on their customers and vendor ecosystems?

This is where monitoring, assurance and analytics solutions come in.

Quality of Experience and Digital Transformation


Cloud-native, open and flexible. By design. With the lowest TCO.

Empirix monitors and improves the performance of contact center, enterprise and service provider networks, services, devices and applications. Our unparalleled industry expertise and market-leading technologies combine to help you deliver a best-in-class service performance and customer experience, while helping you reduce churn and operating costs, reduce time to market for new 5G and IoT services, and achieve cost-revenue alignment.

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