Self-Service, End-to-End Testing

Assure customer experience with flexible, cloud-based test automation

It’s not easy to identify the source of defects or issues within complex contact center environments. A single call has the potential to flow across multiple networks and technologies, some of which are managed by different teams or even different vendors.

How can you isolate or accurately diagnose an issue if you only evaluate a fraction of the call flow? Simply put, you can’t.

This is why Empirix has built true, end-to-end functionality into our Hammer Cloud solution. Hammer Cloud is the industry’s first self-service test automation solution capable of testing and monitoring the performance of your network, infrastructure and applications from end-to-end.

It simulates production level traffic from anywhere to anywhere in order to evaluate and improve the quality of calls and customer / agent experience. End-to-end is defined by the ability to place an endpoint anywhere in the world and test voice quality from the call’s point of origin to its endpoint. Hammer Cloud’s hybrid architecture makes this capability possible.

Evaluate CTI Attached Data

Evaluate whether customer data was attached to the call and whether the screen pop displayed the necessary information to help the agent expedite the customer’s inquiry.

Centralized Management of Endpoints and Virtual Agents

Hammer Endpoints and Hammer Virtual Agents can be centrally managed through the Hammer Cloud Platform, enabling more efficient configuration management.

Automate Complex Test Cases

Complex test cases such as blind and attended agent transfers are time-consuming to test manually and difficult, if not impossible, to test with automation tools. Hammer Cloud’s end-to-end functionality removes these barriers.


Hybrid Architecture Makes End-to-End Possible

End-to-end visibility is not possible without virtual agents. And virtual agents require hybrid functionality to facilitate call generation and testing between locations.

Automated, Collaborative Testing

Test and Measure Bidirectional Voice Quality

Phone calls are have no value if you aren’t able to hear what the automated attendant or other person is saying. With Hammer Cloud, you can test the voice quality of each participant as they alternate speaking.

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