Patients Should Worry About Their Health...Not How to Reach You

The medical and healthcare industries are complex to navigate, even for those who know them well. Imagine what its like for those on the outside? Easy, trouble-free access to customer support and other contact center staff provides patients, caregivers, and medical professionals a gateway to critical information at a time its needed most, building trust, customer loyalty.

What’s more, a healthy, well-functioning contact center reduces operational costs by reducing average handle time, improving first call resolution rates, and boosting customer satisfaction.

Empirix helps the world’s top healthcare providers achieve cost containment objectiveswhile enhancing customer experience at a time they need it most. Empirix solutions for the health insurance industry include:

  • Call recording assurance for regulatory compliance
  • Performance testing to ensure you can meet peak demands during open enrollment
  • End to-end active monitoring to ensure a positive customer experience from initial contact to agent
  • Validate multi-vendor environments, including equipment and configuration settings
  • Test and measure pre- and post-deployment scenarios to eliminate rollbacks and accelerate release cycles

Customer success story: contact center readiness for a leading US healthcare provider

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IVR monitoring

Proactive monitoring

Regression testing

Screen pop and CTI testing

Stress testing

Contact Center Chat

We perform stress testing and active monitoring of both the customer journey through your web portal down to the omnichannel skilled agent.

Automating voice and chat interaction at both ends enables you to measure the utilization of skilled agent positions under a variety of scenarios, giving you complete confidence of your business strategy aligning with your technological capabilities.

IVR Testing

No matter what stage you’re at in your development lifecycle. We have automated testing solutions that can emulate both devices and human behavior in labs or in production.

We enable you to measure real-world performance against business needs, giving you the metrics you need to ensure proper Customer Experience.

Proactive Monitoring

Combine the measurement of actual call experience with the tracking and measurement of your technology components that support the user’s transaction.

Reduce your mean time to repair by automatically finding the root cause of problems before your customers do.

Regression Testing

Use best practice methodologies to increase application coverage and reduce test execution times.

Leverage our unique expertise to drive towards a more agile development and deployment methodology.

You can deploy more features regularly and beat competitors to market with more useful customer experience journeys.

Screen Pop and CTI Testing

Detailed Performance metrics on Customer Experience Journeys through the IVR platform and how they are routed to skilled representatives.

Our methodology correlates  IVR experience with data delivery and agent experience at both the CTI and the desktop level.

Stress Testing

Deploy with confidence.  Too many problems arise in today’s contact center only when under significant traffic and in specific use models.

Verify interoperability and interconnect with multi-vendor and hybrid cloud and premise contact center models and prove scalability.

Collaborate real-time to eliminate problems and fix gaps in your failover and disaster recovery planning.

Success Stories

Amtrak Case Study

To control costs and provide a great customer experience, Amtrak invested in an Empirix Monitoring Solution.

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