IVR Testing

Ensure CX with automated IVR tests

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus are supposed to make life easier for everyone. Ideally, IVR systems should quickly provide customers with the info they’re seeking and, if that’s not possible, route them to the agents who can provide quick assistance.

Anyone who’s called large companies for help before knows that’s not always how it works. IVR technology has come a long way since it gained popularity in call centers in the 1990s, but it’s also a common source of frustration among consumers.

Common IVR Complaints

  • Irrelevant options
  • Inability to articulate issues in a way that the IVR understands
  • Slow response / no response regarding account status information
  • Improper routing to incorrect agent

Nearly all customers prefer not to deal with IVRs. If a call goes poorly, it doesn’t take much for them to jump to competitors if pricing is comparable. Odds are, your customers are already frustrated when they pick up the phone. Yet IVR remains a powerful customer service tool to gather intelligence on the caller’s intent and get first call resolution, when implemented and monitored properly.

Automated end-to-end testing and monitoring detects and prevents issues across your call center IVR applications, infrastructure and networks before your customers are affected.

Measure Real-World Performance

Our IVR testing solutions empower you to measure your company’s performance against its business needs, giving you the metrics you need to ensure a proper customer experience.

Screen Pop and CTI Testing

Gain detailed performance metrics on CX journeys through the IVR platform and how they’re routed to customer service reps. Our methodology correlates IVR experience with data delivery and agent experience at both the CTI and desktop levels.

Comprehensive Feature Testing

Hammer CallMaster provides a fully automated IVR testing solution that reduces test design, development, and execution time by up to 90% while assuring 100% test coverage.

Automated IVR testing makes tedious manual testing irrelevant. Our solution automatically generates and executes comprehensive feature tests from a call flow diagram, reducing test development time from weeks to days.

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Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

Hammer Cloud Platform (HCP) is an intuitive, fully automated, self-service testing platform for voice application that allows disparate departments to test across the entire software development lifecycle. Cooperation among teams helps identify and eliminate customer-impacting defects before they cost business.

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Hybrid Cloud

Generate traffic from any combination of on-premises, private or public cloud networks, thereby measuring the caller experience the way customers and users interact in the real world. In-country testing and monitoring improves the reliability and quality of test calls and can even eliminate expensive toll charges.

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