Network Diagnostics

Leverage network diagnostic intelligence to improve QoE

The inability to diagnose, understand, and resolve the root cause of UC and contact center issues within a reasonable timeframe leads to repeat offenses. When not addressed, nagging issues have a lasting impact on P&L, customer churn, and brand loyalty.


Signs of trouble for IT operations and support personnel include:

  • Hours of time spent troubleshooting voice network issues
  • Inability to capture SIP and RTP traffic 24/7
  • Inability to determine root cause of call quality issues
  • Lack of visibility into voice network key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Inability to easily trace or correlate all call legs through the network

Diagnostix differentiators

Cloud Network

Virtual environments

Monitor virtualized environments and be deployed on virtualized networks

Contact center agent

RTP audio

Record and retain RTP audio of degraded calls

IT Engineer


Correlation and searching capabilities for both standard and custom SIP headers

Reduce risk

Get a 360-degree view of your platform

Integration with Empirix user experience and system monitoring capabilities


Built for organizations of all sizes

Sized to support contact centers and enterprises small and large

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