Application, Service and Network Monitoring

Application, Service and Network Monitoring

Gain ultimate visibility into network performance

Measure the QoS of all voice and web (HTTP) traffic in your network with Empirix passive monitoring. Important key performance indicators (KPIs) are built into hierarchical models to provide call volume, call quality, call duration, and call failure visibility across SIP carriers, data centers, SBCs, interactive voice response systems (IVRs), and office or contact center locations.


Measure the QoS of all voice and web traffic

Quickly identify root cause of issues

Integrate third-party data sets

Advanced reporting of important KPIs

Machine learning enables dynamic KPI thresholds

Identify issues quickly

Efficiently identify the root cause of communication network elements and the severity of impact by aggregating, correlating, enriching, and monitoring VoIP and web traffic.

Third-party data

Ingest data sets of third-party SBCs, call managers, or all detail records (CDRs) to enrich and enhance visibility into VoIP traffic.

Advanced reporting

Reports, alerts, and a dashboard for important key performance indicators (KPIs).

Machine learning

Machine learning enables the dynamic threshholding of KPIs by day of the month and day of the week, making alarms and notifications smarter.

Success Stories

Swisscom Case Study

Swisscom invested in Empirix Testing and Monitoring Solutions in order to significantly improve the quality of its customer service, which directly and positively impacts the company’s ongoing success and technology leadership.

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