Outbound Notification Testing

Proactive Communications Assurance Service

independently validates compliance, overall performance and quality of the user experience .

Whether its notifying your customers of potential fraudulent activity or giving them critical updates to ongoing situations, notifying your customers of issues important to them is a time sensitive application.

Immediate Response

is critical for successful notification campaigns. Pre-recorded messages must not be delayed or you would have created a negative user experience and may have missed an important opportunity.

Common problems with outbound systems costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity every day

  • Dead air between customers answering and your notification playing
    • significantly increases your call abandonment rate.
  • Improper human vs voicemail detection which plays the wrong campaign messages.
  • Call Progress detection failures which connect your live agents with carrier intercept messages.
  • Regulatory violations due to poor voice quality which results in FINES and penalties

Automated end-to-end testing and monitoring of your outbound systems detects and prevents issues across your infrastructure and networks before your customers are impacted and your business reputation is put at risk.

Measure real-world performance

Empirix helps maximize solution performance – resulting in greater operational productivity.

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