Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

Ensure performance of VoIP, contact center, and unified communications technologies

Empirix provides a 360-degree view into the health and performance of your voice over IP (VoIP), contact center (CC), and unified communications (UC) technologies.

Through a unique set of active test, system health, and passive monitoring perspectives, Empirix will enable you to quickly and easily understand if you are experiencing a customer-impacting communication technology issue, which customers or users are being impacted, and where that issue is occurring.

Empirix’s advanced diagnostics and call tracing capabilities will help you efficiently troubleshoot and isolate customer quality of service (QoS) complaints.

User experience monitoring

Measure the expected quality of experience (QoE) of your customer-facing communications technology with automated, periodic, end-to-end voice and web transactions. Validate the expected content and responsiveness through your high-value and high-volume customer journeys.

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System health monitoring

Gain insight into the availability and performance of critical communications systems infrastructure and applications. Through the use of active polling techniques (REST POST/GET, log file parsing, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), SSH CLI, PerfMon, Ping) and event collection (SNMP traps, event log), Empirix provides visibility into the underlying fabric of your CC infrastructure.

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Network performance monitoring

Measure the QoS of all voice and web (HTTP) traffic in your network with Empirix passive monitoring. Important key performance indicators (KPIs) are built into hierarchical models to provide call volume, call quality, call duration, and call failure visibility across SIP carriers, data centers, SBCs, interactive voice response systems (IVRs), and office or contact center locations

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Network diagnostics

Capture and trace all voice and web traffic in, out, and through your network. Extensive search capabilities enable broad-brushed or pinpoint identification of degraded or failed voice and web traffic, while fully correlated call traces ensure you see the entire transaction across each network element. Multi-dimensional reporting enables ad hoc or scheduled performance trending on important KPIs such as passed/failed call percentage, SIP 4xx/5xx errors, mean opinion score (MOS), round-trip delay, jitter, and many others.

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Success Stories

Fortis Case Study

Fortis Ensures Call Center Reliability and Gains €313,920 in Benefits With Empirix Hammer On-Call.

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