Performance Testing

Ensure end-to-end performance in your contact center or enterprise network

Test your customer-facing communications system by emulating actual customer traffic patterns generated in the cloud. Test your system to peak expected production traffic volumes, and measure the customer and agent experiences while stressing your full network and technology stack.

Empirix provides testing as a service (TaaS) in addition to full software as a service (SaaS) capabilities.


Eliminate risks

Prevent unexpected and catastrophic production issues when deploying new technologies.

Cross functional team

Meet production deadlines

Performance testing ensures you can meet your go-live targets while identifying and fixing critical issues beforehand.


End-to-end performance testing

Ensure full end-to-end technology interoperability and performance.

Reproduce and isolate hard-to-find production technology issues.

Busy Call Center

Stay prepared

Ensure your contact center is prepared for volatile traffic volume spikes and peaks.

Voice quality experts

Voice quality experts

Leverage the most experienced voice test automation experts in the world.

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