Regression Testing

Protect your brand with automated QA and regression testing

Today’s consumers are hungry for new features. They’ve been conditioned to expect near constant updates to the products and services they use. The pressure is real, and it makes regression testing more important than ever.

Business leaders make decisions to satisfy customers. As development cycles are shortened, departments become misaligned. With fierce competition and thousands of required test cases, it’s easy lose control over quality assurance.


Manual regression tests are tedious, laborious, and prone to human error because every single part of a voice-enabled application must be tested and validated under a variety of conditions or test scenarios.

Empirix empowers both expert and novice users to efficiently configure stories and test behavior with hundreds of tests automatically executed in minutes. With automated reporting, teams can swiftly identify problem areas and eliminate defects earlier in the development process.

Contact center agent

Pre-deployment regression testing

Businesses are always updating their contact center systems and the underlying technology in preparation for product launches, cost-cutting programs and mergers/acquisitions. Automating test functions arms business leaders with information to prevent embarrassing hiccups that affect CX.

IT Engineer

Comprehensive orchestration APIs

Remotely execute feature testing, regression testing, and integration testing scenarios with the platform’s API capabilities. Ongoing operational tests can be automated to occur as often as every 5 minutes.


Pinpoint quality issues instantly

Hammer On-Demand delivers comprehensive reporting to rapidly detect regressive bugs and new defects in addition to tracking project progress. With this functionality, business analysts can classify and prioritize fixes while testing and verifying improvements.

Reduce risk

Isolate bugs

Intelligent reports isolate bugs and regression defects, with release comparison reports that verify production readiness.

Contact Center Performance Monitoring

Reuse scripts

Leverage the same scripts across all phases of feature and regression testing and ongoing management. Operations teams can reuse test cases for production monitoring and alerting.

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