Security and Interoperability Testing

Automated VoIP, contact center, and unified communications test capabilities

Leverage the Empirix Hammer technology to ensure that your telecommunications technologies such as carrier SIP trunking, SBC, IVR, and CTI are interfacing as expected as part of your overall Business continuity planning and impact analysis compliance.

The Hammer software provides a highly customizable state machine that enables testers to manipulate and validate lower-level VoIP telecommunications messages such as SIP INVITE headers, SDP codecs, T.38 fax, video streaming, and SIP Publish and Subscribe.

Prevent TDoS attacks

Ensure your business and technology is prepared to handle a telephony-denial of service (TDoS) attack.

Validate that SBCs are detecting and preventing TDoS attacks.

SIP traffic

Ensure your telecommunications equipment can handle malformed SIP traffic.

Vendor testing

Test new vendor software or equipment in the lab before going live.

Improve efficiency

Eliminate the inefficiency and cost of manual interoperability testing.

Increase your test case coverage and the frequency of testing.

Success Stories

Amtrak Case Study

To control costs and provide a great customer experience, Amtrak invested in an Empirix Monitoring Solution.

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