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Customer Experience Assurance

Detailed insights on the subscriber experience when using mobile data services.

Our tools correlate perceived service quality with network performance, and provide detailed information on the applications, cells and devices currently in use.

EPC and Mobile Voice

Enjoy end-to-end insights into the mobile core network.

We enable a deep analysis of voice and data services that easily scales to fully troubleshoot network and service issues.

You benefit from decreased MTTR, reduced operational costs, and optimized technical skills—essentially, an overall improvement to customer experience.


Operational insight on roaming users to improve revenues, improve partner relations, and assure customer experience.

Rapidly identify roaming issues for both inbound and outbound customers.


End-to-end visibility of the subscriber experience while accessing Voice over LTE services.

We have industry leading troubleshooting and diagnostic solution that can be adopted for pre-deployment testing and full-production service monitoring.

Correlate network signaling and voice traffic to get a complete picture of customers' perceived overall experience.

RAN Vision

A real-time, network-wide tool to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize the Radio Access Network.

Empirix's technology-agnostic solution identifies under-performing cells, pinpoints subscribers affected by dropped calls and data failures, and measures device performance.

The Knowledge to Take Intelligent Action

Holistix is the key to turning your billions of network data records into the knowledge you need to make intelligent decisions—both for your business and your customer-facing services.

Holistix provides unparalleled visibility of performance across your devices, services, locations, and networks. In essence, you get a complete picture of customer experience.

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Actionable Intelligence on true Customer Experience

Diagnostix gives you the tools to get to the root cause of network and service issues.

Powerful correlation features deliver end-to-end visibility of calls and transactions in the network. Industry-leading media analysis tools also let you fully understand quality of voice.

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