Ensure continued call quality with new regulatory compliance requirement

Fraudulent robocalls are today’s No. 1 consumer complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). To combat illegal spoofing and protect consumers, the FCC has prescribed that service providers implement a set of tools, known as STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited)/ SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using toKENs), designed to identify signs of fraudulent, automated calls.


However, the implementation of STIR/ SHAKEN can affect call quality.

STIR/ SHAKEN adds authentication and verification steps  to the traditional call flow architecture to validate call authenticity. To ensure this architectural change doesn’t impact call quality, telco providers should extend existing monitoring systems to include STIR /SHAKEN monitoring.


How it works

Empirix’s STIR/SHAKEN Assurance and reporting solution empowers service providers to maintain call quality end-to-end across the entire call flow architecture, including STIR/SHAKEN infrastructure. End users can simplify workflows and drill down for faster root cause analysis of call quality issues.

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Pre-defined, out-of-the-box operational reports provide insights into the performance of network, infrastructure and STIR/SHAKEN components and is especially useful to support bilateral testing between carriers in both pre- and post- deployment phases. 

With Empirix Stir Shaken Assurance, you can maintain call quality standards and comply with FCC/CRTC recommendations.

No Caller ID

End-to-end call flow insight

With potential FCC/CRTC mandates and deadlines looming, operators shouldn’t have to worry about monitoring their network. So unlike SBC and AS/VS vendors, Empirix STIR/SHAKEN Assurance allows you bring transparency across the call flow by enhancing existing, industry leading VoIP analysis.

CX technical team

SIP troubleshooting

Our unique ability to extract information from SIP signaling empowers engineers to troubleshoot both standard SIP and STIR/SHAKEN-related SIP fields.


Flex Fields functionality

Empirix’s powerful Flex Fields functionality permits operators to customize fields and field values so that troubleshooting efforts can align with strategic business objectives. This flexibility speeds time to market and eliminates custom development costs.

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