System Health Monitoring

Real-time monitoring for unified communications and contact centers

There is a sense of urgency to identify hardware, operating system, computing resource, and application issues within UC and contact center infrastructures quickly. Such issues have a lasting impact on the business and can affect P&L, customer churn, and brand loyalty long after the issue has been resolved. Enterprises can mitigate these risks by monitoring the health of their systems in real time.


IT operations personnel that are experiencing any of the following should consider a system health monitoring solution:

  • Your operations or support teams learn about customer-impacting infrastructure or application issues hours after they begin
  • Service-impacting events (poor voice quality, dropped calls, misrouted calls, incorrect IVR prompting) caused by infrastructure or application issues are being identified by customers rather than monitoring tools
  • Your organization leverages a lot of web services for application and back-end system communication but lacks significant visibility into their performance
  • You leverage various OEM vendor tools for monitoring system health and performance but they don’t meet your needs


System health monitor

360-degree view

Integration with Empirix user experience and network monitoring capabilities for a 360-degree view of your platform

Diverse technologies

Diverse monitoring capabilities

Broad, diverse system monitoring of web services, log files, databases, websites, services, processes, SSH command lines and more

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