Test Automation

End-to-end VoIP, contact center, and unified communications testing

Empirix provides automated voice over IP (VoIP), contact center (CC), and unified communications (UC) test capabilities that enable end-to-end testing from the customer and agent perspectives.

This end-user-focused approach to testing provides reliable, repeatable, and objective measurements that provide visibility into the user’s quality of service (QoS).


Empirix test automation can be leveraged across the full DevOps life cycle and communications technology stack, including:

  • Carriers
  • Session border controllers (SBCs)
  • Interactive voice response systems (IVRs)
  • Voice biometrics
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI) call routing
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) applications
  • Call recording
  • Chatbots


Performance testing

Test your customer-facing communications system by emulating actual customer traffic patterns generated in the cloud. Test your system to peak expected production traffic volumes, and measure the customer and agent experiences while stressing your full network and technology stack. Empirix provides testing as a service (TaaS) in addition to full software as a service (SaaS) capabilities.

Businesswoman making phone call

IVR testing

IVR menus are supposed to make life easier for everyone. Ideally, IVR systems should quickly provide customers with the info they’re seeking and, if that’s not possible, route them to the agents who can provide quick assistance.

Busy call center team

QA and regression testing

Improve your contact center quality assurance (QA) and regression testing practices with a flexible yet powerful approach to test design and execution. Offered as a fully cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premises solution, Empirix QA testing capabilities enable you to validate that your voice applications and technology have been implemented as designed.


Security and interoperability testing

Leverage the Empirix Hammer technology to ensure that your telecommunications technologies such as carrier SIP trunking, SBC, IVR, and CTI are interfacing as expected. The Hammer software provides a highly customizable state machine that enables testers to manipulate and validate lower-level VoIP telecommunications messages such as SIP INVITE headers, SDP codecs, T.38 fax, video streaming, and SIP Publish and Subscribe.

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