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VoiceWatch is a full-featured, proactive monitoring solution by Empirix, the leader in end-to-end quality of experience testing and monitoring. VoiceWatch detects and diagnoses current and potential technology problems from the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to the IVR application by emulating real-world customer interactions around the clock.

When a customer-impacting event is detected, VoiceWatch records it and pinpoints where it occurred. Operations teams are alerted via SMS or email, enabling them to quickly identify the root cause and analyze its impact.

With VoiceWatch, you’ll

  • Detect costly voice technology issues before your customers do
  • Measure the end-to-end customer experience from carrier to agent
  • Prevent technology issues from impacting key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Fix issues before they turn into system failures
  • Prevent costly outages
  • Proactively manage performance and identify persistent bottlenecks
  • Complement existing system management and passive monitoring tools with ongoing CX monitoring
  • Improve Quality of Experience (QoE)

“Empirix has been great. [VoiceWatch] is accurately identifying approximately 90 to 95% of our errors.”

Director of Customer Experience Technology at a Leading U.S. pharmaceutical chain

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