Shop Talk: A Recipe for Ensuring a Productive, Remote Workforce and Happy Customers

Explore the strategies that Verizon is using to protect customer experience and agent productivity.

Brand and customer experience mean everything to Verizon. So when it came time for contact center agents to work remotely due to the pandemic, they put a plan in place to protect both customer experience and workforce productivity, both which could have been significantly impacted by changes to network traffic patterns.

This on-demand, interactive discussion between Empirix and Verizon explores the strategies that Verizon has employed to protect their brand, customer experience and the productivity of their home-based contact center workers. 

Discussion topics include:

  • The impact of an entire workforce shifting to home offices 
  • Measures taken to protect the Verizon brand and deliver best-in-class service to customers and remote workers 
  • Recommendations for organizations who are struggling to get visibility into remote worker issues 

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